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What is Luffy Actual Dream Beside Become a King of Pirates?

What is Luffy Actual Dream Beside Become a King of Pirates?

Maybe Luffy always said he wanted to be the pirate's king but was that really his dream?

We can see clues about Luffy's real dream in Ch 585 where Luffy's flashback when he was a child together with Ace and Sabo.

In chapter 585, Luffy, Ace, and Sabo declare their dream and vow to become pirates. First, Sabo states his dream is to see the world and write a book about it.

Ace's dream is his life to be famous, and for this reason he declares that he will become a pirate.

What is Luffy Actual Dream Beside Become a King of Pirates?

While Ace and Sabo made a promise to become pirates there, this is just the means by which they are achieving their ultimate objective, like a sign.

Their ultimate aspiration and dream was not to become pirates.

It turned out that Ace’s true dream was to find the answer to whether he should’ve been born. 

It also turned out that Whitebeard’s dream was to have a family. 

Roger would not have proclaimed "I shall become the Pirate King" when he became a pirate since "Pirate King" was the nickname given to him AFTER he was successful in taking control of the Grand Line.

Therefore, since Luffy and Roger share the same dream, being the pirate king cannot have been either of their dreams.

So What is Luffy Real Dream?

Garp subjected Luffy to a lot of severe training when he was a child.

Garp always forces Luffy to become marines and always restricted Luffy with various things.

Luffy, like any child, would probably prefer to do what he wants rather than what their grandparents urge them to do - especially with the hard training.

He then meets Shanks and his pirate crew, who talk to Luffy about the freedom of being a pirate.

Luffy is obsessed with this idea and wants to be a pirate.Free pirate. He is probably beaten by Garp, who tells him that pirates are evil and that they will all be captured.

When he hears about the pirate king, he literally interprets this as the king of the pirate world he dreams of.He decides to become the pirate king in order to create a pirate nation where everyone can be free.

This is what Shanks said to Rayleigh as 'Roger's words'. A king's job is usually to rule, of course.

But a pirate country shouldn't have a ruler to be truly free.

So Rayleigh tested Luffy to see if he really held onto his idea of freedom.

So in conclusion Luffy's dream is to create a pirate nation.
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