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One Piece 1061 Spoiler: New Island Revealed Luffy and the Straw Hat Crew's Goal!

One Piece manga series spoilers chapter 1061 are now eagerly awaited by One Piece manga lovers, the article in the previous One Piece chapter 1060 series has many interesting things.

Although the One Piece manga chapter 1061 spoilers have not been shared by trusted One Piece leakers, but based on the previous One Piece chapter series we can take an overview for the latest chapter later.

The One Piece manga spoilers that we will discuss are just speculations or theories based on the previous chapter in the One Piece series.

So for those of you who don't really like the One Piece theory like this, you can just skip it, okay, let's go straight to the discussion of One Piece chapter 1061 spoilers.

As we know in the One Piece series chapter 1060, Sabo's position is shown. He was in the Graduate Kingdom.

But in the latest chapter of the One Piece manga, the Lulusian Kingdom was destroyed by an attack from the sky.

One Piece fans speculate that the attack came from the attack of the leader of the World Government, Im Sama.

In this latest chapter, Jewelry Bonney, one of the supernovas, met the Straw Hat pirate crew.

Looks like Jewelry Bonney will join and become part of the Straw Hat pirates to go to the next island which is their route.

Reported by Teras Gorontalo from Tamagon Park, the Straw Hat crew's route is to the island of Elbaf.

Why Elbaf Island? this is as Nami said, namely extreme weather that occurs very quickly in the ocean.

Makes it very difficult to predict the movement of the wind and of course the changing Log Pose.

In One Piece chapter 1060, Nami said that in the Straw Hat Pirates route, the weather around them was snowy and very cold.

In Big Mom's flashback when she was a child on Elbaf island, it doesn't seem that this island has cold and snowy weather.

However, referring to the words spoken by Nami, where the weather in the New World changes very quickly and this is also proven in chapter 1060.

Unexpectedly extreme weather surrounds the Straw Hat pirate ship.

That is, the climate in the New World today can change and it is very uncertain.

Some wild speculation says that the extreme climate there is not arbitrary to bring snow.

There is snow and uncertain weather, it could be because Ragnarok started on Elbaf island.

Ragnarok is a kind of final battle in Norse mythology.

It could be that this refers to the island of Elbaf where there has been the Ragnarok war.

Therefore, that caused the snow to fall on the island.

In Norse mythology there is such a thing as Fimbulwinter, which is the beginning of the events of Ragnarok, or it can be said with a very great winter.

This increasingly goes hand in hand with the climate experienced by the Straw Hat pirates in an ocean.

It looks like they'll be heading to Elbaf Island together with Jewelry Bonney, but that's speculation from the Fandoms.

So the One Piece manga series chapter 1061 is highly anticipated, it looks like Eiichiro Oda will show something extraordinary and no less exciting.

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