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One Punch Man: Cosmic Garou Not Final Form?

One Punch Man: Cosmic Garou Not Final Form?

The figure of Garou is a character that many fans love to be able to become a rival to Saitama in the One Punch Man series. 

Garou himself is one of the most popular characters besides Saitama in the series. 

He is an interesting and complex character with many fans speculating whether Garou is a villain or a hero.

In the story itself, Garou has a dream to become a figure who defeats all the heroes on earth. 

This is because according to him the hero is the real villain, not the villain they have been facing. 

Garou does various things to make his dream come true, including learning various martial techniques.

His reunion with Saitama finally realizes that the biggest mission in his life, apart from defeating the heroes, is defeating Saitama. 

Garou feels that Saitama is not an arbitrary figure, because he has always been defeated by Saitama. 

And in order to surpass the formidable power of the main character, Garou is willing to do anything.

In chapter 164 of the revised version of Yusuke Murata yesterday we saw how Garou finally got help from God. 

This happened after God heard the complaints and wishes of Garou who wanted to defeat Saitama. 

God tries to manipulate Garou by saying that only he can give Garou a chance to win against Saitama.

However, in fact, despite having the power of God, Garou's figure is still unable to defeat Saitama. 

On the other hand, the fight against Saitama also made Garou finally realize his mistake. 

And in the previous chapter, we saw how Saitama went back in time and defeated Garou which then made him turn into a better person.

Cosmic Garou Not Final Form?

One Punch Man: Cosmic Garou Not Final Form?

The biggest question that then arises from this is whether Garou's Cosmic Mode Fear Awakening is his final form? 

As we know, throughout the One-Punch Man series Garou has made several transformations. 

Garou's own first transformation happened before he became a prisoner of the monster association party. 

Just then, Garou faced off against several heroes from Class A at once.

The second transformation occurs when the hero association raids the monster association headquarters in search of Waganma and Tareo. 

Subsequent transformations occur in battles against other heroes such as when facing Bang. 

One last transformation occurs when Garou tries to defeat Saitama as seen in chapter 163 yesterday where he gained cosmic abilities.

However, what is interesting is that there is speculation that this is not Garou's final form. 

The basis for this speculation appeared in the latest chapter yesterday, chapter 168. 

One Punch Man: Cosmic Garou Not Final Form?

In that chapter, Garou talks with Bang about his desire to hold a martial arts tournament. 

His goal was to face people he had fought before.

Examples are Blast, Bang, Bomb, Flashy Flash, and Saitama. 

In that conversation, Garou also admitted that they were the ones he faced during the monster transformation process. 

Garou still thinks that the Cosmic Fear Awareness form is part of the monsterization process. 

That is, this is not Garou's last form which also means that there will still be other forms that Garou will have or display.

In the webcomic version itself, Garou did some transformations. 

The most epic, of course, is Garou's monster transformation, where Garou actually turns into a huge monstrous monster. 

What would Garou's peak monster form look like? 

Also, will he be able to transform into a monster again?

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