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One Piece 1061: 3 Reasons Im Samaa Will Be Luffy's Tough Opponent

 Im Sama is a new character introduced in the Reverie arc. His character is still a mystery to this day.

In the One Piece series, Im Sama is told to target Luffy and Blackbeard, Vivi, and Shirahoshi. Despite that, he hasn't been seen making any moves against Luffy

After facing Kaido, Im Sama has the potential to become Luffy's next tough opponent. Here are three reasons.

Have a Navy

One of the things that can't be ignored from Im Sama is that he has connections with the Navy.

Hierarchically, Im Sama is above the Navy. Thus, Im Sama could have ordered the Marines to hunt down Luffy.

In addition, Im Sama also has other allies that are potentially no less frightening than the Navy.

Potential Terrible Strength

The majority of the leaders of a large group in the One Piece series usually have great power. Im Sama is also suspected of having this power.

In addition, Im Sama also likely has a high level of strategic skills. If pushed by Luffy, it is not impossible that Im Sama will use various tricks to defeat Luffy.

Suspected of Possessing the Ancient Weapon of Uranus

Until this article is published, only Uranus' ancient weapons have not been shown. However, many fans suspect that the weapon is owned by Im Sama.

If Im Sama really had Uranus, it would be very troublesome for Luffy.

Those are the three reasons why Im Sama has the potential to be Luffy's next tough opponent. If Luffy faces Im Sama, it's not impossible that he will need a lot of help.

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