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One Piece: Seraphim From Lunarians?

The navy has new weaponry and technology this time. They are the result of the development of a special unit in the navy in which Vegapunk is the leader. 

We know this in the point in chapter 1059, where it was revealed that the Amazon Lilly island was attacked and surrounded by the navy. As we know, the former Shichibukai are now being targeted.

This happened after yesterday's Reverie moment the World Government and various other kingdoms felt disturbed and threatened by the Shichibukai. 

Because they were deemed to be of little use, they finally asked to disband this system. 

After finally getting approval, finally these former Shichibukai returned to being pirates who were being hunted by the navy.

In the point in chapter 1059 it was revealed that the navy deployed the latest model pacifista. The shape is similar to Kuma, but the design and everything is different. 

This latest Pacifista model has the name 'Seraphim' and is most likely the result of the development of the SSG or Special Science Group. 

This latest model has black wings and has a dark brown skin tone.

Judging from the characteristics of the Pacifista Seraphim, this reminds us of the figure of King. 

He is the number two strongest person in the Beast pirate group and is part of the extinct race, Lunarian. 

It had been a mystery, finally Oda showed what the figure of King looked like where he had very similar characteristics to the Pacifista.

Seraphim Created From Lunarian DNA?

The Pacifista is one of the most powerful naval weapons. Apart from that, it is also one of the most popular powerful weapons of the series. 

Pacifista itself is a relatively new invention in the world of One Piece, which we usually call "Human Weapons". 

Just as the name suggests, this weapon itself is a very powerful robot with a shape or model that resembles a human.

In the early development of Pacifista, we saw the design of the Shichibukai adapting the figure of the former Shichibukai, namely Bartholomew Kuma. 

The weapon found by Dr. Vegapunk aims to defeat the ruthless and powerful pirates. It takes a full ship of equipment to make one Pacifista. 

These Pacifistas have a visual program that specifically looks for pirates on the quest list, and

when he finds his target he will shoot a powerful laser from his mouth. A real example of Pacifista's power is when Sentomaru managed to overwhelm Luffy and the others at Sabaody. 

The current strength of the Pacifista may have grown tremendously, especially now that the navy has SSG. And the attack on Amazon Lilly is proof of the development of SSG against the Pacifistas. 

However, there is something interesting in this development.

Looking at the characteristics of the Seraphim, it is possible that SSG will use the DNA of the Lunarian race to develop them into this new breed. 

How did they do it? We all remember the flashback of King in chapter 1035. 

At that time, young Kaido escaped from the World Government's facility lab. However, before escaping, he then saved another figure, namely Alber / Arbel, which Kaido named King.

According to Queen's explanation, King is part of the Lunarian figure. 

They are believed to have been extinct for a long time and they had lived above the Red Line, before Mary Geoise stood firmly there. 

They have the nickname as the race of the gods, because they are able to survive in various conditions and terrain. 

These Lunarian races also have the ability to control fire and have the ability to regenerate or heal.

The Most Powerful Pacifista?

Based on the explanation above, it is possible that Vegapunk and his team decided to use the Lunarian DNA they had or got from King. 

That way, they continue to do research and development to be applied to Pacifista. And it seems that their research and development has succeeded with the creation of the latest model, the Seraphim. This itself was later "confirmed" how Blackbeard recognized the characteristics of dark brown skin, white hair, and black wings.

We still don't know the extent of the power or awesomeness of this latest Pacifista model. However, we can assume that the Seraphim has many times the power of the PX-0 or previous models. 

Not to mention, there is a possibility that the Seraphim have abilities like the Lunarian tribes such as healing and so on. Bottom line, the Seraphim would really be a pirate's nightmare.

However, despite being the most powerful model ever, that doesn't mean the Seraphim are indestructible. 

If facing an opponent who has the power of Haki or devil fruit or a combination of both, it is not impossible that the Seraphim can be destroyed instantly.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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