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One Piece: Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit Revealed!

One Piece: Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit Revealed!

There are lots of theories that have developed among fans as the story progresses in the One Piece series. 

Most of the theory itself focuses on what happened during the lost century, or what One Piece really is and how it then relates to the final story in the series.

The One Piece manga series itself has reached more than 1000 chapters, but there is one thing that is still a big mystery, namely the secret of Marshall D. 

Teach aka Blackbeard. 

Blackbeard is the only character in the series who is known to have more than one devil fruit power. 

In fact, the fans themselves suspect that he will be able to have three devil fruits.

Blackbeard himself first appeared in chapter 223, where according to Zoro and Luffy the figure of Blackbeard was referenced by "they" which means there is more than one person. 

What then becomes the question is how Blackbeard was able to eat two devil fruits and still live. 

As we know, Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard is a user of the Yami Yami no Mi devil fruit.

The devil fruit he stole from his partner, Thatch, when Blackbeard was still part of Whitebeard's crew. 

However, after the war at the naval base, Blackbeard has another ability, namely the Gura Gura no Mi. 

This devil fruit he stole from Whitebeard's body. 

Because Blackbeard is considered more than one person, there are many theories that say that Blackbeard's body actually consists of 3 people.

Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit?

One Piece: Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit Revealed!

It seems that the theory or speculation of the fans about the figure of Blackbeard and these three people has been proven true. 

This is based on the information that appeared in the leaks for chapter 1059. 

In the chapter, it was revealed that Blackbeard and his group visited the Amazon Lilly island. 

The goal is to steal Boa Hancock's Mero Mero no Mi devil fruit.

There are interesting facts that appear in the chapter related to Blackbeard. 

For example, the first is that just as he was after Yami Yami, Blackbeard has also been eyeing the Mero Mero devil fruit for a long time. 

This he revealed directly when he managed to strangle Hancock's neck, which caused Hancock to be unable to use her devil fruit power.

However, Hancock herself explained that her strength was awakened thanks to the beauty she had. 

This is also the big question at this time, why then Blackbeard after the Mero Mero devil fruit. 

So far, the devil fruit is able to change anyone who has a passion or lust for Hancock. 

However, he could indeed turn anyone to stone without the need for desire or lust.

We can see this when Hancock turns one of the Impel Down guards who examine her, namely a woman, into stone. 

It is possible that Blackbeard already knew information about the Mero Mero devil fruit from the encyclopedia he had read before. 

This is also what makes Blackbeard able to know about Yami Yami and also Gura Gura.

Currently, Blackbeard's mission to get Mero Mero from Hancock's hands has failed thanks to Rayleigh's appearance. 

However, that does not mean that other threats will not emerge from the Yonko. 

Moreover, Rayleigh himself had admitted that he was unable to face Blackbeard now due to his age. 

This means that Blackbeard's chance to get Hancock's devil fruit is very large.

What does Oda mean?
One Piece: Blackbeard's Third Devil Fruit Revealed!

At the Jump Festa event several years ago, in a message he wrote to Oda fans, he revealed that the fate of Boa Hancock and Koby was not very good. 

The fans themselves were curious about what Oda meant, and they were all waiting for the appearance of the storyline. 

Many fans suspected that the moment would occur in the Wano arc, which was proven wrong.

It turns out that this moment only happened in chapter 1059, where Koby had to suffer the bad luck where he was kidnapped by Blackbeard. 

Meanwhile, Hancock's life almost died because of Blackbeard too. 

It will be interesting to see what will happen next. 

And seeing as Blackbeard failed to get Mero Mero at this point, it's highly likely that he'll be back trying to get his devil fruit.

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