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One Piece: Rayleight's Secret Mission

One Piece: Rayleight's Secret Mission

After a long absence from the story in the One Piece manga series, the legendary figure of Silvers Rayleigh gave a big surprise in the latest chapter of the series. 

The appearance of Rayleigh's figure was completely unexpected before, considering he decided to retire as a pirate. 

And he himself felt that his task was done after training Luffy in Rusukaina.

As we know, Rayleigh decided to become a ship painter in Sabaody after retiring from pirates. 

He lived his life in peace and quiet on the island, until he met Luffy and the Straw Hat crew. 

And the last time Rayleigh appeared in the story was when he parted ways with Luffy who was about to continue his journey to Fishman Island.

Rayleigh's figure is famous for his strength. In fact, Silvers Rayleigh is one of the strongest characters in the One Piece story. 

He is known to have the ability to control all three types of Haki. And even in fighting ability Rayleigh had no problems at all. 

In fact, Garp himself admitted that it took a lot of naval troops to just capture Rayleigh.

However, apart from his strength, there is one other interesting thing that emerges from Rayleigh's figure, namely his nickname as the king of darkness. 

For now, we still don't know what context Rayleigh is being called as the king of darkness. 

In addition to speculation that Silvers Rayleigh was indeed a leader in a region, until he was expelled from his own territory, there is also another interesting speculation about Rayleigh's nickname.

There is another possibility that Rayleigh was an evil king or leader. 

Because of the evil Rayleigh figure, he later earned the nickname "Dark King" from the residents. 

However, again, we still don't know for sure why he got the nickname.

The Rise of the Dark King

One Piece: Rayleight's Secret Mission

After a long silence, Rayleigh finally moved again as we saw in chapter 1059. 

He came to the island of Amazon Lily, where his appearance managed to save the lives of Boa Hancock and all other residents from the hands of Blackbeard. 

If he hadn't arrived on time, Hancock's life might have been lost.

We don't know what happened, because Oda didn't show any fighting moments or anything in that chapter. 

At the end of the story, we see how Rayleigh and Shakkey are on the island to protect them from other naval attacks or attacks by other pirates, such as Blackbeard. 

There is an interesting fact that appears in this chapter.

Rayleigh himself admits that he is unable to face the current figure of Blackbeard, who has two devil fruit powers. 

This was because Rayleigh felt that he was no longer young. 

Even so, Rayleigh's reappearance in the story certainly has a purpose or purpose. 

Oda must have prepared big plans for Rayleigh in the future.

Some of the possible scenarios that could happen were how Rayleigh might fight against Blackbeard. 

In chapter 1059 he stated that they were lucky that Blackbeard left, because he could have put up a fight and Rayleigh lost the fight. 

Although he admits that he is unable to face Blackbeard, with the remaining strength Rayleigh has, Blackbeard could be seriously injured or even fall.

This scenario may be similar to the scenario that is quite popular among fans where Blackbeard might kill Shanks. 

And this is what will trigger the fight between Luffy and Blackbeard. 

And in Rayleigh's scenario, Blackbeard managed to defeat the legend which made Luffy then hunt down the figure of Blackbeard.

Rayleigh Help Luffy Fight World Government

One Piece: Rayleight's Secret Mission

In addition to the scenario where Rayleigh will face Blackbeard, it is also possible that Oda will present a story in which the former vice-captain will be involved in the biggest war in One Piece history at the end of the series. 

Speculation is circulating among fans that the World Government will be the last opponent that Luffy will face.

Facing the greatest power in the world of course requires a lot of strength. 

This means, Luffy will need as much help as possible from everyone or parties including one of them is Silvers Rayleigh. 

With the strength he had, of course, Rayleigh's help would be invaluable and very helpful. 

After all, this might also be what Roger wanted from Rayleigh.

In the previous article, it was mentioned that there was a speculation that all of Roger's crew had their own missions or duties. 

This aims to find a person who will continue his determination and also continue what has been predicted by the previous figure of Joy Boy. 

As we know, Roger failed to keep Joy Boy's promise because it came too soon to Laugh Tale.

Luffy himself is the figure they have been waiting for. And to make sure that Luffy can do everything well, of course he needs help and guidance. 

So, that's where Rayleigh's task or mission is to help Luffy as best he can.

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