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One Piece 1060 Spoilers Reddit: Seraphim's Power Revealed

Seraphim's form was recently revealed in chapter 1059 of the One Piece manga.

King Rayleigh's Haki was also shown and proved to be able to make Marshall D. Teach (Blackbeard) nervous.

Besides Kurohoge, we also see Boa Hancock.

The title for the One Piece 1059 manga is "Captain Koby Incident".

Koby does a lot of things, the Navy chases Hancock, Teach knows Koby.

One Piece 1060 Spoilers Reddit: Seraphim and King Rayleigh's Haki!

Blackbeard attacked Amazon Lily during the Marine invasion, he did so because he wanted Boa Hancock's devil fruit power.

Teach's New Bounty is 3,996,000,000 Berries.

Boa Hancock turns almost all attackers to stone (including Catarina Devon and Vasco Shot).

One Piece 1060 Spoilers Reddit: Seraphim and King Rayleigh's Haki!

Boa Hancock's new bounty is 1,659,000,000 Berries.

Teach later possessed Boa Hancock's ability after Teach stole it from her.

Luckily Hancock didn't die because Rayleigh had saved her life.

Spoiler 1060 (Theory)

One Piece 1060 Spoilers Reddit: Seraphim and King Rayleigh's Haki!

In the latest chapter we were shown a new Pacifista model called "Seraphim".

Seraphim look like kid with white hair, dark skin and black wings.

Although so far it is still a mystery, the possibility of this Seraphim is the result of the development of the Special Science Group (SSG).

SSG was formed by Dr. Vegapunk, the genius of One Piece.

The SSG group was formed to replace the Shichibukai as one of the greatest powers in the series.

Judging from the characteristics of the Pacifista Seraphim, it seems similar to King.

As we know, King was the subject of Vegapunk's research, there is a possibility if the Lunarian DNA from King became the basis for developing the Seraphim.

One Piece 1060 Spoilers Reddit: Seraphim and King Rayleigh's Haki!

Lunarian One Piece is a race of people from the Red Line who are able to create fire from their bodies.

The One Piece Lunarian race is generally considered extinct, with King as the only survivor.

Although most of the One Piece Lunarians look like humans. Lunarians are noted for distinctive features such as a pair of black feathered wings on their backs.

It is similar to the wings of the inhabitants of the Sky Island as well as silver white hair and brown skin.

Besides having Lunarian DNA, Seraphim also looks like Mihawk and Boa Hancock.

Seraphim also seems to be made based on the power of the Shicibukai.

As a weapon of the World Government, the Seraphim are clearly very instrumental in helping the Marines.

Seraphim have much more power than Pacifista Kuma.

Before New World, Kuma was very difficult to beat the Straw Hat crew.

But after New World, Zoro and Sanji can beat Pacifista easily.

It is very clear that the World Government is currently making a new Pacifista model which is more effective than the Shicibukai.

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