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One Piece: The Power of Haki Users is Above That of Devil Fruit Users?

One Piece: The Power of Haki Users is Above That of Devil Fruit Users?

Haki is an extraordinary power that exists in the One Piece series. 

In addition, Haki is also one of the unique elements that appear in the story besides devil fruit. 

There are three main types of Haki in the story, namely Observation Haki, Armament Haki, and Conqueror Haki. 

Two of the three Haki people can learn or practice.

Also, these two types of Haki are the ones that appear the most and are used in the story. 

However, for Conqueror Haki not all can use it. 

Haki is able to withstand all enemy attacks, whether using a devil fruit or not. 

According to Silvers Rayleigh's explanation, Haki is a form of physical manifestation of spiritual power.

Or simply is a form or manifestation of someone's destiny or spiritual strength. 

This means that with great determination or passion in them, they will also have extraordinary Haki abilities. 

And with high determination or enthusiasm will give more abilities and advantages in a fight.

This determination or enthusiasm can then be channeled or directed to various things. 

For example, they could use that willpower to transform into armor. 

Or it could turn some of their limbs hard, for example on the head or arms or legs. 

Thus, it is natural that later this becomes one of the sources of strength in the series.

Haki So Proof of One's Strength?

One Piece: The Power of Haki Users is Above That of Devil Fruit Users?

You probably already know more or less about Haki, types of Haki, and how Haki functions in the story. 

However, perhaps not many geeks know that Haki can actually be a testament to a person's level of strength. 

Haki abilities will appear when they face a much stronger opponent. 

For example, when Luffy had to face Doflamingo in the Dressrosa arc.

Or when facing Katakuri in the Whole Cake Island arc and also facing Kaido in the Wano arc. 

And this was confirmed by Oda himself in one of the SBS columns. 

In the SBS Volume 65 column, a fan asked about Shanks and Luffy's Haki power level comparison. 

Oda explains that although Luffy's Haki is powerful, Shanks' Haki is much more powerful.

Furthermore, Oda also explained that Haki abilities point to evidence of one's strength. 

According to him, defeating someone by utilizing or using Haki is a phenomenon or something that will only happen when the user is really very strong or much stronger than the enemy. 

Thus it is natural for many to faint or become unconscious, when one uses Haki.

This is because they are not ready or not strong enough to withstand the power of the Haki of the figure. 

What about those who are able to withstand the power of Haki? This does not mean they are much stronger. 

It could also be that their strength is balanced, or they are trained to deal with Haki users. 

An example is when Aramaki was able to survive Yamato's attack.

And speaking of Aramaki, the moment he felt intimidated by Shanks' appearance was another confirmation of Oda's explanation. 

He felt helpless when he sensed Shanks' Haki around him. 

Aramaki realized that his strength level was far below his, so he decided to give up and leave. 

He even raised his hand at this moment. 

This also happened to Kizaru when Benn Beckman threatened him.


One Piece: The Power of Haki Users is Above That of Devil Fruit Users?

So, based on the explanation above, we can conclude that Haki power users are those who do have tremendous power. 

Without the power of the devil fruit, they are able to turn their will into something powerful. 

We also have to admit that devil fruit users have awesome powers, such as Luffy or Sakazuki.

However, based on the explanation or information about Haki that we know so far in the story, the power level of Haki users is above that of devil fruit users. 

After many devil fruits appear or have "roles" in the moments before the timeskip, it is interesting to see the role of Haki at the end of this One Piece series.

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