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One Piece: Oda Sensei's Hints on Wano's Future Under the New Shogun

The attack on Onigashima in the One Piece Wano Arc became one of the biggest battles that took place in the Grand Line region.

This battle in the world of One Piece, is Monkey D Luffy's attempt to free the citizens of Wanokuni from the grip of Kaido's iron fist and his Beast Pirates.

With the end of the battle at Onigashima which was won by the Straw Hat Luffy pirate alliance, a new problem arose in the world of One Piece.

The question now is about what will happen to the citizens of Wanokuni and the Straw Hat Pirates after this victory.

It should be noted, with Kaido's defeat, it doesn't mean that the Beast Pirates went quietly off the island.

The reason is, because the remnants of Kaido's troops still have the potential to clash with the fighters in Onigashima.

In addition, Momonosuke has a brief conversation with a sinister elephant known as Zunesha, stating that he is not ready to open Wano's borders just yet.

After declaring victory, Momonosuke was initially mistaken by the residents of Wano for Kaido but convinced the stunned audience that the captain of the Beast Pirates had been defeated.

Following this statement, Kyoshiro's follower from Oden appears and ends the chapter with the following statement:

"It will be a very long story, but we have brought in the new Shogun of Wano."

Currently, the identity of the Shogun of Wano is still unclear, although it would certainly be an easy prediction if the reader had to choose between Momonosuke and Komura-Saki, aka these two descendants of Oden.

After Kaido and his army are finally defeated, fans can now start pondering whether the end of One Piece is in sight, and what will happen to Luffy's next adventure.

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