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One Piece: Throne Wars Coming Soon, Luffy Fights Celestial Dragon!

One Piece: Throne Wars Coming Soon, Luffy Fights Celestial Dragon!

The creator of the One Piece series, Eiichiro Oda, has said that the Straw group's adventure will end in approximately five years. 

Currently, Luffy and the Straw Hats themselves have completed the longest arc in the series, namely Wano Country. 

And with the completion of the arc they are also preparing for a new adventure.

Being the longest and longest arc of the One Piece series, Wano is the most epic and most important arc. 

This is because the scale of the battle presented in the story is much larger than the peak battle at Marineford. 

In addition to the scale of the battle, various important information is also presented in the Wano arc, such as Kozuki Oden's flashback showing the history of the island's name Laugh Tale and discussing other important matters.

However, it seems that the battle that is taking place in Wano at this time will still lose greatly to the battle that will come after the Wano arc. 

This is known based on Oda Sensei's answer in the SBS column. 

According to Oda Sensei's explanation, there will be a much more terrible and even more terrifying battle that will emerge after the Wano arc.

Wano Post-Arc Battle

One Piece: Throne Wars Coming Soon, Luffy Fights Celestial Dragon!

In the SBS Vol. 97, Oda Sensei said that the biggest war in One Piece history will occur after the Wano Country arc. 

"There will be developments on a global scale. 

An impressive story that has never been presented before, I will draw the 'most incredible battle/battle' in the history of One Piece.”

So far, there have been many great battles/fights in the One Piece series. 

One of the most popular is the peak war that took place at Marineford, where the war involved the entire navy and the Whitebeard pirate group, where the navy was about to execute Portgas D. Ace after losing to Blackbeard.

Besides that, perhaps the most extraordinary battle that has occurred so far in the One Piece series is the epic battle that took place 800 years ago involving 20 different kingdoms, to conquer the Ancient Kingdom. 

These various kingdoms later became the forerunners of the World Government. 

The conflict that occurred yesterday in Wano was indeed extraordinary.

The effects of the battle that took place in Onigashima will affect the balance of the world, especially when the two Yonko - Big Mom and Kaido - managed to defeat them. 

And what's interesting is that the end of the battle in Onigashima will probably be connected to the events of the "extraordinary battle" that Oda Sensei promised earlier.

In fact, the word Oda Sensei uses to write "the most incredible battle" uses the same kanji as what he wrote earlier in the story. 

For example, “Amazing Kingdom” or Ancient kingdom. 

Then, in a prediction that Kozuki Oden wrote down in his notebook, he mentioned that there would be an "extraordinary" war to be fought in the future, involving a new generation of pirates.

Future Predictions

One Piece: Throne Wars Coming Soon, Luffy Fights Celestial Dragon!

So, the phrase “the most extraordinary battle/fight” that Oda Sensei mentioned in the SBS column could be connected to each other. 

In fact, maybe Oda Sensei himself has given instructions regarding this since 5 years ago. 

In chapter 801, Doflamingo had a chance to talk to a marine, and made a terrible prediction in the future.

With the number of pirates continuing to grow, and the various great powers in the world starting to move and starting to falter, the celestial dragons must be wary of what will happen next, namely "Throne Wars".

If then the "war of power" which Oda describes as "the biggest battle in history in the One Piece series" is appropriate, it means that Oda Sensei may have presented the biggest spoiler about what will happen in the manga.

This war may involve the Straw Hat Pirates against the Celestial Dragon.

Maybe we've seen the scene of Luffy hitting the Celestial Dragon.

Luffy punched Saint Charlos in the face in Chapter 502 of the One Piece manga.

This happened because Luffy was furious with Saint Charlos's arrogant attitude and behavior.

That moment made Luffy targeted by the world government.

Could Luffy be the key in unlocking the mystery of the void century by fighting a celestial dragon?

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