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One Piece 1062 Spoiler: Coby Rescue Scenario Performed by Seraphim at SWORD's Order

The secret navy organization in One Piece, SWORD sends seraphim to save Coby who is being held captive by Blackbeard.

Since the incident of Blackbeard's kidnapping of Coby, One Piece fans have started speculating the purpose of Blackbeard's kidnapping of the SWORD member.

One of the theories put forward by One Piece fans, Coby will be used as a medium of exchange for Blackbeard to get the latest Seraphim model pacifista.

The scenario turned out to be wide open after One Piece chapter 1061 confirmed that SWORD had the effect of using Seraphim.

Although it seems that the higher-ups of SWORD are still reluctant to send Seraphim because they seem afraid of Blackbeard.

But there is a scenario that allows SWORD with Seraphim to go to Blackbeard's headquarters to save Coby. Check out the following discussion.

Blackbeard's Purpose of Kidnapping Coby

As a character who has a well-thought-out plan in his every move, Blackbeard of course has a special purpose to kidnap Coby.

And the goal is to exchange Coby with the latest model pacifista, namely Seraphim.

Looking back at the time Blackbeard invaded Amazon Lily Island, Blackbeard seems to have predicted that Coby would lead the Marines to raid Amazon Lily Island.

Where in the previous One Piece story, Blackbeard came when Coby and his men surrounded Boa Hancok.

The goal, of course, is to take advantage of both parties.

Where when Coby and Hancock were exhausted, the young Blackbeard took the mero mero no mi and kidnapped Coby's captain.

Unfortunately, Boa Hancock's devil fruit escapes from Blackbeard's grasp after Rayleigh unexpectedly appears and saves Hancock.

Indeed, previously Blackbeard also seemed surprised when he found out that Seraphim was on the island of Amazon Lily.

But surprisingly, it seems that Blackbeard has learned information about Seraphim's new model pacifista by recognizing his traits.

If it was true that Blackbeard had known information about the Seraphim, then Blackbeard's act of kidnapping Coby was quite reasonable.

By holding Coby hostage, Blackbeard was able to lure the navy out of the Seraphim so Blackbeard could offer an exchange between the Seraphim and Coby.

The Seraphim's extraordinary strength, can become a separate force for Pirates with the Yonkou title, Blackbeard.

Coby's status as a One Piece Navy Hero is considered capable of making the Navy deploy the Seraphim.

Coby Rescue Scenario

In chapter 1061 of One Piece, it can be seen bromance Coby Helmeppo pleading with Rear Admiral Prince Grus who is also a member of SWORD to be able to go save Coby using Seraphim.

SWORD officials still seem 'afraid' to go to the island of Blackbeard's power even with the power of the Seraphim.

However, there was a variable that made SWORD decide to go save Coby and deploy the Seraphim. The variable is the Straw Hat Pirates.

The Straw Hat Pirates who are anchored on Egghead Island are close to G14's headquarters.

This makes the possibility of meeting the Straw Hat Pirates with Helmeppo and other SWORD members wide open.

Where SWORD who knows Luffy's closeness with Coby will certainly take advantage of this to pit the two Yonkou Luffy and Blackbeard in order to save Coby.

By 'riding' Luffy coupled with Seraphim, SWORD officials will feel they have enough power to attack the Blackbeard pirate base.

Luffy himself with his selfishness will certainly force his crew to go to Beehive, Yonkou Blackbeard's headquarters.

And the crew of the Straw Hat Pirates, won't complain too much considering they are equal opponents this time.

And by defeating Blackbeard, Luffy will get closer to One Piece.

Unlike when Luffy said he would go save Sabo and Vivi.

At that time Zoro advised Luffy that it was not time for them to face the world government.

The second Yonkou meeting could happen soon because Oda Sensei himself is talking about finishing One Piece in 3 years.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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