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One Piece: Who are Uta's Biological Parents?

One Piece: Who are Uta's Biological Parents?

Who are Uta's biological parents in One Piece? 

After a long wait by One Piece fans, finally the latest One Piece Film: Red film officially premiered on September 21 yesterday. 

This is the latest big screen project in the franchise where this film really presents something different. 

For example, Oda Sensei is more directly involved in the production process. 

And also how Oda introduced one of the new characters, Uta. 

Uta is a new character "masterpiece" from Oda Sensei, where according to him he is tired of drawing male characters. 

He wants to try to present a new character, namely a young woman who is the forerunner of the creation of Uta. 

However, the big question is who Uta's parents are. 

Many speculations and theories try to answer this question.


One Piece: Who are Uta's Biological Parents?

Enel's name appeared in fan speculation as one of the candidates for Uta's parents. 

The figure of Enel himself, as we know, is the former ruler of the sky island. 

He ruled arbitrarily by oppressing the people there. 

However, luckily, Luffy and the Straw Hat crew came and managed to defeat Enel and restore peace there.

Why then Enel entered one of the candidates for Uta's parents? 

This is seen from the physical characteristics of both. Enel is a character who comes from outside the earth, and Uta himself also has physical characteristics that are different from humans in general. 

One of them is how he can have wings. 

With Enel's haughty attitude, maybe he had purposely dumped Uta until Shanks found out.

One of the inhabitants of the Sky Island

One Piece: Who are Uta's Biological Parents?

Besides Enel, other speculations also explain that maybe one of the residents on the Sky Island is the biological parent of Uta.

Like Enel, the physical characteristics of the wings are a clue to this speculation. 

As we know, the inhabitants of the sky islands – such as Birkans, Shandorians, and so on – have unique physical characteristics, namely the presence of a pair of small wings on their backs.

However, what distinguishes him from the other sky islanders is that Uta doesn't have a small antenna on his head. 

Since childhood, they always try to grow their hair like the antennae of insects. 

However, because Uta had been with Shanks since childhood, he ended up not being able to grow the hair like other sky islanders.

One of the Heavenly Dragon Members

One Piece: Who are Uta's Biological Parents?

The sky dragons are still one of the big mysteries in the One Piece series.

Although we know that they are the heirs or successors of the 20 kingdoms that built the World Government, we still don't know much about them. 

Based on this, it is not impossible that both of Uta's parents are part of the sky dragon clan.

Specifically, there is a possibility that Uta is the daughter or daughter of one of the 20 kingdoms. 

For the reason why Uta was then abandoned or abandoned, there may be similarities in events with the God Valley moment when Shanks found Uta. 

In One Piece 4 Billion it is explained that Roger found Shanks when he was 1 year old, where he was trapped in a treasure chest. 

In the film itself, Shanks remembers his past when Roger found out, when he saw the figure of Uta.


One Piece: Who are Uta's Biological Parents?

One of the Youtube channels that is a fan of One Piece, Unholy, has its own theory about this. 

According to him, there is a possibility that Uta is the daughter of Gladius, one of the commanders of the Donquixote pirates. 

Because Oda often presents extraordinary surprises, it could be that Uta is indeed Gladius' child. 

Especially if you look at the physical appearance between Uta and Gladius who have white skin and hair color. 

With various surprises that Oda always presents, it is not impossible if Uta is indeed the son of Gladius, who has to be separated because of an important event. 

Uta's appearance in the RED film is one of the most interesting things in the history of the One Piece feature film. 

By presenting something new and unique, this is also the key to the success of the film. 

For now, the figure of Uta is still a big mystery from the One Piece franchise. 

However, it is not impossible if Oda will present his character in the main story.

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