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Boruto: Where Did Sasuke Go When He Disappeared?

Boruto: Where Did Sasuke Go When He Disappeared?

After a long absence, finally the fan favorite character, Uchiha Sasuke, returns to the village of Konoha. 

Sasuke returned with a variety of very important information ready to be shared with Naruto and others especially those related to the Code. 

Sasuke's return was also warmly welcomed by Sarada and the other young shinobi. But where has Sasuke gone all this time?

As is known, the figure of Sasuke last appeared in chapter 61 yesterday. 

At that time, Sasuke was investigating various suspicious black things around the Konoha village gate. 

This is thought to be the Claw Marks from Code that he intentionally left behind. 

Since then, Sasuke was then left without a word.

Boruto: Where Did Sasuke Go When He Disappeared?

Since Sasuke disappeared without news, questions about Sasuke's whereabouts almost always appear in the release of the latest chapter of the Boruto series. 

And the fans are even more curious about Sasuke's whereabouts considering Konoha's condition is in a precarious condition where Code is a serious threat.

However, in chapter 68, we finally see Sasuke who has returned to Konoha surprisingly. 

In his conversation with Shikamaru, Sasuke said that he had information regarding the Code. 

Sasuke even dug deeper into the figure of Code until then he knew where he was hiding and Sasuke even had time to mention the figure of Bug.

This is also in accordance with the speculation that had appeared in the previous article, where Sasuke most likely disappeared because he was trying to find as much information and as much detail as possible about the Code and its powers. 

Boruto: Where Did Sasuke Go When He Disappeared?

As we know, Sasuke is a person who is always relied on to seek information in various problems such as what is happening today.

Previously, while doing research on Isshiki Otsutsuki, it was Sasuke who went to the coordinates where he saw the emblems of the Otsutsuki members in another dimension. 

In chapter 61 yesterday, Sasuke saw a mysterious object that was thought to be Code's belt. 

However, Sasuke and the other shinobi themselves didn't know about this thing and what it did.

As it is known that the belt from Code can serve as a portal for him to be able to go from one place to another. 

Maybe Sasuke was trying to get into the belt and find out how the system worked. 

Or maybe Sasuke was trying to figure out where the belt came from, where was the end of the belt.

Then it could also be that Sasuke is going elsewhere to find out about the Code and the power of the belt. 

Sasuke was probably researching the marks or traces of the belt, and came to the conclusion that he knew the location of the Code's hideout. 

Boruto: Where Did Sasuke Go When He Disappeared?

With Sasuke knowing about Bug's figure, it meant that Sasuke had time to go to Boro's secret facility.

In fact, it is not impossible for Sasuke to dig up a lot of information from Bug's figure about Code. 

Sasuke managed to track down the whereabouts of Boro's location, possibly thanks to the traces of Claw Marks left by Code. 

In addition to digging up information about Code, with Sasuke possibly talking to Bugs, it means that Sasuke might also know about Daemon and Eida.

This of course can be important information for all Konoha shinobi, because Eida and Daemon are no less terrible and pose a serious threat to all of them. 

Sasuke might also know about the cooperation between Code and Eida, which Sasuke can certainly take advantage of.

Sasuke was able to take advantage of Eida's desire, who really wanted Kawaki, to later become the "master's weapon" for Code. 

Boruto: Where Did Sasuke Go When He Disappeared?

Indeed, at this time, Konoha already had Delta reprogrammed by Amado to help them defeat Code. 

However, compared to Eida, Delta's strength is certainly far below Eida's.

Sasuke may also meet Orochimaru in his hiding place. 

Orochimaru is known as an intelligent scientist, and Sasuke can dig up a lot of information about Code as well as Code's Claw Marks. 

Orochimaru might be able to explain how it works or what are the weaknesses of the Claw Marks which of course can be used to deal with Code.

Orochimaru may also help Sasuke in tracking down the whereabouts of the Code's hiding location and other things Sasuke needs. 

Of course, it is interesting to know what information Sasuke has collected regarding Code and also Eida and Daemon, which of course will be very useful for Konoha shinobi.

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