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One Piece 1061: X-Drake Dies at the Hands of CP-0 in Onigashima

The latest manga series One Piece chapter 1061 continues the story from the ending chapter 1060.

At the end of One Piece manga chapter 1060 Luffy was carried away by Chopper who was blown away by strong winds.

Chopper's kite actually brought Luffy flying right near Jewlry Bonney's body.

Without thinking, Luffy immediately caught him.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the ocean, under Luffy's Thousand Sunny, there is Magelodon ready to attack.

Jewelry Bonney immediately gave a warning, giving Luffy's crew on the Thousand Sunny enough time to save themselves.

As soon as the Thousand Sunny survived, Jinbei immediately handed over control of the steering wheel to Franky, because he had to jump into the sea to pick up Luffy, Chopper and one of his new friends who jumped into the sea.

In Fanky's hands, an advanced technology owned by the Thosand Sunny was used again, the Thousand Sunny turned out to have legs that hold an external fan that can be used to move more agile, agile and efficient.

Even if normal people use logic this feature should have made the Thousand Sunny sink faster, because suddenly two large holes appeared in the hull of the ship.

With a feature Franky calls the Rabbit Screw Propeller, Thausand Sunny manages to get away from Megalodon and prepares to pick up Jinbei who is saving their captain.

But the Megalodon that attacked them wasn't just any Megalodon, it turned out to be a Meca Megalodon so he couldn't just ram and attack the Thousand Sunny.

But it can also fire underwater missiles, with a single shot of underwater missiles, the Thousand Sunny immediately turned upside down and slowly began to dive to accompany all the passengers.

At the same time, with the timing of the glide that was so super, Jinbei finally managed to catch Luffy and 2 others under the sea.

But when he reached the surface, Thausand Sunny had disappeared, the waves looked so fierce and he was actually greeted by a basoka shot from the mouth of the Meca Megalodon.

Jinbei dived back to save himself, at a very critical moment that suddenly a giant humanoid robot and chased away the Megalodon and managed to drive him away.

Then the scene moves to a location not far from the waters which is the headquarters of the G-14 Navy.

This is where Tashigi takes the children of his guinea pig victim Caesar Clown from Punk Hazard for rehabilitation.

In this headquarters also other Sword members were introduced including one of them is Hellmepo, it turns out that he is one of Sword's members.

Hellmepo's arrival to the G-14 headquarters was aimed at asking his seniors in the Sword organization for help to ask troops to save captain Koby.

Somehow Hellmepo wanted to come here if he really wanted to help Koby wouldn't it make more sense if he came to see Garp who was his mentor or went to Marine headquarters.

Where the elite mariners gathered, and even more strangely, Hellmepo didn't come with Vice Admiral Yamakaji who was the leader of military operations in the invasion of Amazon Lily,

If Hellmepo intended to invade Blackbeard's base wouldn't it make more sense for him to take a Vice Admiral with him.

Instead of pleading with a Rear Admiral named Prince Grus from G-14.

Vegapunk would certainly be more likely to lend his Seraphim if it was a Vice Admiral asking him.

Or maybe Vegapunk has special treatment for the higher-ups of Sword.

In other words Vegapunk was actually part of the Sword organization.

But what is no less interesting than this moment is that Prince Grus said that currently X Drake's position is also unknown.

Since the battle in Wano Country ended a week ago, no news from X Drake could mean bad news.

Although it's hard to say but it could be that X Drake actually died at the hands of CP0 in the battle at Onigashima.

Because if he was still alive he would at least give the news to one of Sword's members.

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