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One Piece 1061 Spoiler: Vega Punk Will Help Luffy To Save Coby From Blackbeard Teach

In the upcoming One Piece chapter 1061, Luffy will meet Vega Punk.

One Piece Chapter 1061 also features Luffy's attempts to save Jewelry Bonney and Chopper who is flying in a whirlwind, stranded on an island.

The island is Future Island Eggheand which turns out to be the headquarters of Vega Punk.

Vega Punk then appeared along with several Sword members who were against the navy and the Tenryuubito.

On Future Island Eggheand, there is also a Seraphim developed by Vega Punk to replace the position of Shicibukai in the navy.

Vega Punk and Sword members are discussing to save one of their members, Coby who is being captured by Blackbeard Teach.

Blackbeard Teach managed to catch Coby when they both wanted to catch Boa Hancock on the island of Amazon Lily.

Blackbeard Teach, who failed to catch Boa Hancock because Silver Rayleigh was there, instead took Coby as a prisoner.

Hearing that Coby had been captured by Blackbeard Teach, Luffy must have been very angry.

The reason is, Coby is also one of Luffy's friends who helped him when he first became a pirate.

Because they have the same goal, Luffy, Vega Punk and Sword members will work together to save Coby from Blackbeard Teach's grasp.

It could be, Vega Punk will lend Seraphim to Luffy to attack Blackbeard Teach in order to save Coby.

This will certainly be the beginning of a new arc like the Punk Hazard Arc which was the beginning of an epic battle against Kaido and Big Mom.

The new arc is a battle between Yonkou and Yonkou.

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