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One Piece 1061 Reddit Spoiler: Vegapunk Turns On 6 Terrible Projects!

One Piece 1061 Reddit Spoiler: Vegapunk Turns On 6 Terrible Projects!

Even though the One Piece series has been running for more than two decades, there are still many big mysteries that have not been revealed as well as various other unanswered questions.

One Piece already has 1060 chapters and there are still many mysteries that have not been revealed.

One of them is the figure of Dr. Vegapunk, the smartest person in all the oceans. Until now, Vegapunk is one of the mysterious characters, whose identity is still not revealed.

Will One Piece 1061 provide clues about the figure of Dr. Vegapunk?

The available information about Vegapunk so far is that he works for the navy and the World Government. In the navy itself, Vegapunk has a very important position. 

This is reasonable considering all the research results and also the various creations are extraordinary. 

In fact, we might say, almost all the things he creates always have tremendous benefits, either for the present or the future.

In fact, sometimes the technology created by Dr. Vegapunk is too sophisticated, so it makes many people wonder. 

Not a few people also think that the findings or research results from Dr. Vegapunk as something dangerous and could threaten the safety of the world. 

Then, what are Vegapunk's genius creations?

1. Sea Stone Technology

Actually, sea stone is nothing special. We usually find this material in Wano, because in the Wano arc we get an explanation that Wano is a producer of sea stones in the world of One Piece. 

Although there are many sea stones in Wano, only Vegapunk has succeeded in carrying out various researches that have turned the sea stone into a technology.

A vivid example of this is Vegapunk creating a handcuff made of sea stone. 

The navy will handcuff its targets covered in sea stone, with the aim of neutralizing their devil fruit powers. 

This had happened to Marco in the war at Marineford. 

In addition to the handcuffs, Vegapunk also uses sea stone to coat naval warships so that they can safely traverse the Calm Belt.

2. Creating an Artificial Devil Fruit

One Piece 1061 Reddit Spoiler: Vegapunk Turns On 6 Terrible Projects!

This is one of the great achievements that Vegapunk did in the series. 

As we know, devil fruit is still a big mystery that has not been solved until now. 

We don't know where it came from, how the devil fruit existed in the One Piece world, and so on. 

And this is also what Vegapunk is trying to solve by creating a devil fruit clone.

So far, we can say Vegapunk failed to do that. Because, Oda himself still has not confirmed this. 

However, from what we see from the figure of Momonosuke, who ate Uo Uo's artificial/imitation devil fruit, it seems that Vegapunk's research has been successful. 

We can compare it with Caesar Clown's SAD-made devil fruit and SMILEs, which failed miserably.

3. Making Weapons

As we know in Queen's flashback, she and several other scientists such as Judge, Vegapunk, and even Caesar were once part of the MADS scientist group. 

They do a lot of research, one of which is chemical or biological weapons. 

The obvious proof of this is how Queen was able to create the various chemical weapons she used in the battle on Onigashima.

We can see this in the technology used by the navy in both their soldiers and warships. 

Even though he invented weapons, he still had morals when he compared them to other scientists. 

He refused any form of testing to be carried out on children. 

This is exactly the opposite of Caesar or Queen.

4. Researching DNA

One Piece 1061 Reddit Spoiler: Vegapunk Turns On 6 Terrible Projects!

The blueprint of life or DNA is one big thing that Vegapunk is also researching with other MADS scientists. 

For decades, they have tried to solve these mysteries and riddles. 

And the results are quite extraordinary, where they can be said to be successful for the research. 

The proof, Judge is able to modify Sanji and his other children.

How about then for Vegapunk? 

The real proof of how Vegapunk succeeded in this DNA research is that he managed to create or revive a giant dragon that had been the guardian of Punk Hazard. 

In fact, the dragon itself - in the One Piece story - is said to have become extinct. 

Not to mention, he managed to modify various other living things such as the figure of Bartholomew Kuma.

5. Special Science Group

Apart from the things mentioned above, such as giant dragons, sea stone technology, and so on, the great work of Dr. Another Vegapunk is the Special Science Group or commonly abbreviated as SSG. 

This is a group of genius scientists who create various weapons or other things. 

Based on available information, this group was deliberately formed to replace the position of the Shichibukai who had disbanded.

It is possible that all projects undertaken by SSG are the culmination or culmination of the results of their research and work so far. Seraphim became clear evidence of the power of SSG, where Dr. Vegapunk has found a way to be able to insert other people's DNA into a new version of Pacifista. 

Until now, the fans themselves are still waiting for what will be done by the navy with the SSG.

6. Pacifista

One Piece 1061 Reddit Spoiler: Vegapunk Turns On 6 Terrible Projects!

This is probably one of the most popular research results that Vegapunk has worked on in the One Piece series. 

As we know, the Pacifista became the main weapon of the navy when they had to face powerful pirates.

It took one big warship to make a Pacifista. 

And based on Blackbeard's reaction in chapter 1059 yesterday, even the Yonko really take this naval weapon into account.

Pacifista itself originated from the results of research and also body modification from Kuma. 

Unfortunately, until now we still do not know clear information about the beginning of this moment. 

To be sure, Kuma gave up his body for him to turn into a Pacifista. 

And in chapter 1060 yesterday, Vegapunk even managed to present the latest model that we know as Seraphim.

Dr. Vegapunk is a scientist who contributed to the World Government and the Navy. He has done a lot of research to advance World Government technology. 

Of course, it will be interesting to look forward to the physical appearance of Vegapunk in the One Piece story.

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