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One Piece 1061 Reddit Spoiler: Dr Vegapunk Stays Up To Be An Ally Of The Straw Hat Crew

One Piece 1061 spoiler shows the figure of the Vegapunk doctor.

The One Piece 1061 that triggered the issue of Vegapunk's joining the Straw Hat crew.

The figure of the Vegapunk doctor in the One Piece series is one of the mysterious characters whose presence is highly anticipated.

In the One Piece series, Vegapunk is a genius scientist who has long been a mystery.

Eichiiro Oda has yet to provide complete information about Vegapunk's doctor even though this figure has long been referenced in the story.

In the One Piece manga series, several chapters ago, Vegapunk's doctor was shown even though it was only his body.

So far, Oda has only told in his story that Vegapunk is an extraordinary genius scientist who works for the navy.

In the navy itself, he has the rank or rank of G-5 Marine, which means he is very much more modern.

Physically, Eichiiro Oda depicts Vegapunk as a man in a striped shirt, wearing yellow gloves, and often wearing a lab coat.

In addition, physically, especially the face of Doctor Vegapunk, Oda still keeps it a secret.

What impresses most about Vegapunk is the various creations and trials he performs.

Every thing he creates always has tremendous benefits, at least for today and the future.

Sometimes the technology is too advanced, so that it makes others wonder.

In one of the points that appeared in the leaked chapter 1061 it was revealed that the Straw Hats had to split up.

Where Luffy with Jinbe and Chopper go in different directions even though they are still on the same island. They went on an adventure with Bonney.

Which they accidentally met while being trapped in a current around the island area where they were.

Then, another point also mentions that "Egg Head" is an island belonging to Vegapunk.

For now, we still don't know if Vegapunk is on the island.

However, his own assumption is that the genius scientist is in his place doing research.

And like the storyline in the previous One Piece series, this opens up opportunities for Luffy and Vegapunk to meet.

This encounter will usually happen by accident.

For example, when Luffy entered a room where it turned out that the room contained the figure of Vegapunk.

They will also talk to each other which usually starts with light and comedy.

However, as the story progresses the conversation gets clearer and deeper.

In fact, it is not impossible if we find important information in the conversation.

For example, what really happened during the incident at Punk Hazard.

Or what he actually did to the little children who were the subjects of the research.

And maybe we will find out what later became the reason Vegapunk researched devil fruits and created them.

Luffy and Vegapunk meeting could bring something else. It's not just that we might get important information.

But he will also help Luffy and the Straw Hats to face the next big threat.

How then will Vegapunk help Luffy and the Straw Hats face the next threat? By becoming a new ally.

If we observe the pattern in the previous arc, previously Monkey D Luffy always had two allies in every arc.

For example, when Luffy and his friends were in the Dressrosa arc, Luffy had Law and Kinemon as allies.

Then when they were in the Wano Kuni arc we could see Kid and Law becoming Luffy's allies.

Maybe in this new arc, Dr. Vegapunk will become Luffy's new ally along with Bonney.

It seems that Dr. Vegapunk will provide valuable information to the Straw Hat pirates, for example regarding weapons or even provide information related to devil fruit.

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