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Overlord Season 4 Episode 9 Spoiler: Rubedo will Appear!

Overlord Season 4 Episode 9 Spoiler: Rubedo will Appear!

In the latest Overlord Season 4 episode, we see that the Re-Estize Kingdom is in danger because the Sorcerer Kingdom is ready to attack.

As it was known that the Sorcerer Kingdom helped the Holy Kingdom by sending food ingredients.

The Sorcerer Kingdom had to pass through the Re-Estize Kingdom to reach the Hokly Kingdom.

Zanac had reached an agreement with Ainz Ooal Gown for that.

However, a problem arose.

Philip Dayton L'Eyre Montserrat felt that his farmers could not provide enough food, and now he knew that the Sorcerer Kingdom had used the undead tirelessly to farm.

These undead then sell the food at a lower price.

Philip felt wronged and he finally devised a plan to steal the goods sent through the Re-Estize Kingdom.

This caused chaos when Albedo held an important meeting with Ainz Ooal Gown and his people.

During this meeting, Hilma, the woman who was watching over Phillip, was interrogated by Ainz and learned that she was innocent.

As Albedo tried to punish him, Ainz blamed himself.

Witnessing Ainz's wisdom, Hilma would eventually be loyal to him.

Then we see that Ramposa III doesn't want his people to be affected by the Sorcerer Kingdom's attack.

So when Albedo came to his kingdom, the King was ready to give his life to create peace.

Spoiler Overlord Season 4 Episode 9 

Overlord Season 4 Episode 9 Spoiler: Rubedo will Appear!

Albedo closed it because it would go against Ainz's plans.

She told him (King), that Ainz would not be participating in the war.

In the trailer, it is likely that we will also see Albedo's sister, Rubedo.

Rubedo was a strong character in Nazarick.

Rubedo is a dangerous character because he likes to carry out massacres.

Overlord Season 4 Episode 9 Release Date

Anime Overlord Season 4 Episode 9 is expected to be released on August 30, 2022.

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