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One Piece: Shanks Is a Celestial Dragon Who Can See the Future!

One Piece: Shanks Is a Celestial Dragon Who Can See the Future!

The figure of Shanks the Red Hair has always been one of the fans' favorite characters in the One Piece series. 

His charismatic and mysterious figure makes fans curious as to what Shanks really is. 

Although he rarely appears in the story, he has become one of the most popular characters as well as Luffy. 

With so many mysteries about Shanks, there's finally a lot of speculation popping up.

The fans never stop making or presenting various speculations and theories about the figure of Shanks. 

This is natural because Oda Sensei presents Shanks as if he is a "special" figure. 

Not to mention the mystery that surrounds his character makes speculations keep popping up. 

However, there are some of these theories that are considered quite crazy.

Shanks Are Celestial Dragon

One Piece: Shanks Is a Celestial Dragon Who Can See the Future!

Shanks figure often gets the attention and respect of almost everyone. 

People also seem to be afraid and doubtful every time they meet or hear his name. 

Only the Yonko also thought of Shanks as "an ordinary person".

The proof of his figure being a famous and respected pirate is that many think that he is a legendary figure, a very great Yonko.

Also, how the Gorosei consider Shanks as his guest raises a big question mark about who Shanks is. 

This also gave rise to a theory about Shanks who was actually a Celestia Dragon. 

Indeed, there is no real evidence of this. 

However, how the attitude of all parties towards Shanks is considered to be supporting evidence of this theory.

Shanks Is Actually Evil

One Piece: Shanks Is a Celestial Dragon Who Can See the Future!

It seemed almost everyone was amazed and impressed by the charisma of a redhead Shanks.

So far, Shanks has been shown perfectly by Oda Sensei. 

And the perfect appearance managed to attract the interest of many fans to love and favorite Shanks. 

But, what if there was actually a malicious intent that he had been hiding all this time?

What if Shanks had been trying to destroy Luffy by pitting him against another powerful pirate? 

Or what if Shanks actually wanted to destroy this world? 

The previous two chapters further support this theory, with Shanks clearly deciding to join the race for One Piece in Laugh Tale.

Peacekeeper Shanks

One Piece: Shanks Is a Celestial Dragon Who Can See the Future!

This is one of the crazy theories about the figure of Shanks which is quite popular among fans. 

As we know, the Yonko often take action to prevent a fight or battle from happening further. 

For example when he asked Whitebeard to withdraw Ace. 

Maybe Shanks thought that what Ace was doing could be dangerous, both to himself and to everyone else.

And what Shanks was worried about happened. 

Then, he managed to stop Kaido from heading towards Wano and stop Sakazuki from attacking Koby. 

Many suspect that Shanks is a world peacekeeper. 

However, whether he did this to protect One Piece or purely for the sake of maintaining the balance of power in the world is still a mystery.

Shanks Is The Son Of Rocks D. Xebec

One Piece: Shanks Is a Celestial Dragon Who Can See the Future!

This is also one of the craziest theories popular among fans. 

The God Valley event took place around 38 years ago, while the current Shanks was around 39 years old. That means Shanks' age at the time of the incident was approximately one year. 

Roger is a person who is known to always think that children are people who do not have any sins, regardless of how cruel their parents are.

That's why, after the terrible incident in God Valley, Roger then "adopted" Shanks and did not kill him. Shanks was then made a crew member on his ship. 

Maybe this is the reason why Shanks cried when Roger decided to disband his crew after returning from Laugh Tale. 

Maybe, like Ace, Shanks didn't want to admit that he was the son of the Rocks.

Shanks Can See To The Future

One Piece: Shanks Is a Celestial Dragon Who Can See the Future!

Although it is not a popular theory, it has become one of the theories that has been widely discussed. 

Compared to other strong characters, Shanks is one character who is able to become a legendary figure without any help from a devil fruit. 

During his adventures to become a pirate, Shanks only relied on the ability of his Haki powers.

Many people recognize Shanks' Haki abilities, such as the figure of Whitebeard. 

However, of all types of Haki, many think that Shanks has the ability to see into the future thanks to the highest level of Observation Haki he has. 

Shanks' Haki is different from Katakuri and Luffy who can only see into the future for a short time.

In theory, it is explained that Shanks can already see what is happening in the months or even years to come.

This is probably the reason why Shanks wants to "bet" for Luffy besides seeing the resemblance to Roger's figure.

His very mysterious figure is one of the attractions of Shanks' figure in the story. 

Even so, with his very mysterious figure, many fans then tried to guess about who Shanks really was. 

Hopefully in the future Oda Sensei will start presenting more information about Shanks.

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