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One Piece: Admiral Green Bull Can't Die?

One Piece: Admiral Green Bull Can't Die?

The figure of Ryokugyu (Green Bull) or Aramaki is one of the new characters that appears in the One Piece series. 

His figure first appeared as a silhouette in the Reverie arc. 

After a long time, his figure has returned to the attention of fans after he appeared in chapter 1052 yesterday. 

In the chapter, he seems to go to Wano alone.

Then, in the next chapter we will see the figure of Green Bull where he fights against Yamato, Momonosuke, and Red Scabbards. 

There are interesting things that have emerged from Aramaki's figure since his appearance in Wano, especially regarding the power he has. 

It is possible that Aramaki is an immortal figure. Why is that?

Admiral Aramaki's Devil Fruit

One Piece: Admiral Green Bull Can't Die?

The fans had guessed that Aramaki was a devil fruit user, until in chapter 1053 we finally got confirmation of this. 

In chapter 1054 yesterday we got more information about the power of the Aramaki devil fruit. 

The Aramaki admiral's devil fruit turned out to be Mori Mori no Mi, where the devil fruit belongs to the Logia type or category.

Mori itself in Japanese means forest. And this is indeed in accordance with the power he showed in chapter 1053. 

In that chapter, we saw how wherever Aramaki goes there will be plants or plants that appear around him. 

No matter how arid or dry the environment is, plants or herbs are sure to grow thanks to the power of this devil fruit.

Evidence of Aramaki's abilities can be seen when he was in Udon prison. 

The whole area which was originally dry turned into full of beautiful plants and herbs. 

In addition, in chapters 1054 and 1055 we saw how the ability of this devil fruit is very troublesome for the Red Scabbards. 

In fact, Yamato himself was unable to match Aramaki's strength.

Besides being able to turn into a forest and also grow plants, what's amazing is that the devil fruit is able to absorb nutrients or fluids from other people. 

Using its roots, Aramaki absorbs any liquid or nutrients. 

We can see this when Aramaki absorbs nutrients from Queen and Raizo. 

Naturally, then this devil fruit makes Aramaki extraordinary.

Admiral Green Bull or Aramaki Can't Die?

One Piece: Admiral Green Bull Can't Die?

However, there is an interesting detail that appears in chapter 1055 related to the power of the Aramaki devil fruit. 

In the fight against Momonosuke and the others, Aramaki appears to have been hit by a Boro Breath attack. 

Even though Momo couldn't use the technique at first, with strong determination he was finally able to use the same technique as Kaido.

As a result of the epic attack from Boro Breath, Momonosuke the admiral finally had to suffer very severe injuries. 

In fact, not just once, Aramaki was hit by Momonosuke's Boro Breath twice. 

As a result, the body of Aramaki was completely destroyed without any residue as if it had been scorched. 

However, an interesting moment later emerged.

After Aramaki's body was destroyed, a small plant emerged from the ground. 

And then from the plant the figure of Aramaki reappeared, where he appeared as if without any injuries. 

Aramaki even returned to using all his devil fruit abilities as if nothing had happened before. 

Based on this, we can assume that Aramaki is an immortal figure.

Why is that? 

As long as Aramaki is still able to grow plants, that means he can still survive the various attacks that exist. 

It didn't matter how powerful the attack was or how terrifying the attack aimed at Aramaki's body was. 

This is as if the same as what happened to Marco the Phoenix, where with the power of fire he has he can become an immortal figure.

However, this Aramaki strength certainly has a weakness, especially for those who have Haki powers. 

As we know, those who use Haki will be able to withstand the original form of the devil fruit owner. 

That is, Aramaki can be killed when there is an attack coated with Haki abilities. 

This is also what probably made Aramaki decide to leave after Shanks' figure appeared. 

Apart from that, we can conclude that the power of Mori Mori no Mi Aramaki can make him immortal.

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