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One Piece: The Reason Buggy Was Chosen as a Yonko Finally Revealed!

One Piece: The Reason Buggy Was Chosen as a Yonko Finally Revealed!

Yonko are one of the great powers in the world of One Piece, in addition to the navy and the World Government. 

The fall of one of them, or even two at once, naturally changed the balance of world power. 

Not wanting that to happen, after Kaido and Big Mom's defeat, they finally quickly appointed Kaido and Big Mom's replacement as Yonko.

The big surprise then happened in yesterday's chapter when Buggy appeared as the new Yonko with Luffy. 

This is in accordance with what many parties predict, such as one of them is the navy. 

Before the great war broke out, they suspected that the epic battle at Wano would be a major event that changed the balance of the world.

The reason is, the battle in Wano involved many parties, one of which was the Yonko. 

The election of Luffy as the new Yonko may have long been predicted by fans. In fact, since the Whole Cake Island arc, Luffy has been considered the fifth Yonko. 

Not to mention that Luffy defeated Kaido, so it makes sense that he would then become the next Yonko.

However, what about the figure of Buggy? 

Many of the fans did not expect this. 

The reason is, so far Buggy is very rare to appear. 

The last time Buggy appeared was in the Reverie arc, when all the Shichibukai seemed to be preparing to face the navy. 

The fans were curious about how Buggy's role would be in the future.

The reason Buggy Became a Yonko

One Piece: The Reason Buggy Was Chosen as a Yonko Finally Revealed!

Besides being a Yonko, the thing that made Buggy very influential in changing the world power map was the organization he led, the Cross Guild. 

For now, we still don't know much about the organization. 

However, what was terrifying was that they looked like a group of assassins who had begun to target the lives of the navy.

It meant that not only the pirates would be after their lives, but also the bounty hunters and everyone else. 

Buggy also has two very powerful new crew members joined in the Cross Guild, namely Crocodile and Dracile Mihawk.

The Cross Guild was now an organization as well as a force that the World Government recognized as a threat.

This is because in the group there is a Yonko and also two ex-Shichibukai who are very formidable. 

However, it is still a big question why then the two former Shichibukai could join Buggy. 

One of the speculations is that they worked together to destroy the naval forces that tried to capture them.

And what's also interesting is that there is another speculation that it could be that other former Shichibukai, such as Doflamingo, Hancock, and Weevil, will also join the Cross Guild which will increase the strength of the organization. 

And they are increasingly becoming a major threat to World governments.


One Piece: The Reason Buggy Was Chosen as a Yonko Finally Revealed!

With news of Buggy's new status spreading throughout the ocean of One Piece, along with the Cross Guild group, the balance of the world began to change drastically. 

This is in line with what many people predicted before the great battle at Wano. 

And even this change in the power map is not half-hearted, where it is the pirates who have the upper hand.

With Luffy, Kid, and Law already back on their adventure, it's definitely interesting to see the Cross Guild in action. 

And it would also be very interesting if the Cross Guild then formed an alliance or battle with one of the three Worst Generation captains.

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