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One Piece: Ever Beat Ace, Blackbeard Can Defeat Shanks?

One Piece: Ever Beat Ace, Blackbeard Can Defeat Shanks?

How strong is Blackbeard in One Piece? 

With the story already entering its final phase many fans can't wait to see some big fights. 

As we know, the battle is one of the "main menus" that appear throughout the One Piece story. 

There have been many battles that have appeared so far, both those that we can see or those that occur off-screen.

One of the battles that many fans have been waiting for is the fight between Marshall D. Teach and Blackbeard. 

Hints about the fight between the redhead Shanks and Blackbeard aka Teach have actually shown a lot of Oda. 

An example is when Shanks went to see Whitebeard to ask him to withdraw Ace, who at the time was hunting for Teach.

Shanks realized that Teach's strength was above Ace's. 

This was proven when Ace finally lost and became a prisoner of Impel Down, before finally the navy decided to execute Ace. 

Blackbeard also actually saw Shanks' arrival at the end of the Battle of Marineford. 

However, at that moment, he felt that he wasn't strong enough to fight against Shanks yet.

Shanks Strength Development

One Piece: Ever Beat Ace, Blackbeard Can Defeat Shanks?

What's interesting is if you pay attention to Oda as if slowly starting to show how strong Shanks is in the story. 

Although the information is not much, but little by little Oda presents it to the fans. 

After we saw what happened on Whitebeard's ship and at Marineford, the most recent is when we look at Shanks' power level at Wano.

In chapter 1055 yesterday, we could see how powerful Shanks' Conqueror Haki is. 

From a great distance, he can emit an extraordinary spirit that is able to bring black clouds around Wano. 

In addition, black lightning appeared and flashed above the head of admiral Aramaki which made him aware of Shanks' appearance.

In addition to being able to issue Haki from a distance, Shanks also seems to be able to immobilize someone and even communicate with the figure of Aramaki through the Conqueror Haki. 

How then Oda Sensei more often presents Shanks' level of power, raises a lot of assumptions among fans.

Many are guessing what Oda meant by doing that. 

And one of the speculations that has emerged is how it is possible that Oda is preparing for one of the epic battles in the series, namely Shanks will face Marshall D. Teach aka Blackbeard. 

However, will Blackbeard be able to face Shanks' power?

How Strong is Blackbeard

One Piece: Ever Beat Ace, Blackbeard Can Defeat Shanks?

Which also then becomes the big question is how strong Blackbeard is. 

With Oda starting to often show the awesomeness of Blackbeard's figure, many fans are also curious about how strong Blackbeard really is. 

As geeks know, Blackbeard is the only pirate we know of today who managed to leave a scar on Shanks' body.

What and how it happened is still a mystery to this day. 

However, this indicates that Blackbeard is not an arbitrary figure. 

Throughout the series, we see how Blackbeard became a pirate that Shanks was very aware of. 

In fact, he realized that the potential danger in Blackbeard's figure was far greater than that of other pirates.

The proof is that he asked Whitebeard to stop Ace from hunting down Blackbeard two years ago. 

From the beginning Shanks realized that Ace would never be able to win against Blackbeard. 

Why? Because Shanks knows how strong and dangerous Blackbeard is. 

Unfortunately, Whitebeard didn't care about this and as a result Blackbeard's grand plan went very smoothly. 

In the end, Blackbeard became the most dangerous Pirate.

What's also interesting is that while at Marineford, Shanks looks tense when dealing with Blackbeard. 

In fact, when trying to stop the Marineford war, Shanks' face still looks normal. 

That is, the power of the awesomeness of Blackbeard we can not underestimate. Blackbeard also had an extremely terrifying aura.

He is a pirate who does not hesitate to use any means to achieve his goals, even if it means killing his comrades. 

Everything he is willing to do as long as the goal can be achieved. 

One of the other things that made Blackbeard dangerous was his attitude. 

As we know, Blackbeard is an intelligent and opportunist person.

Reasons to Watch Out

One Piece: Ever Beat Ace, Blackbeard Can Defeat Shanks?

Blackbeard always considered everything before starting to execute what he had planned. 

If he deems it detrimental to his side, he will choose to ignore it. 

However, it would be different if it was to his side, where he would put all his strength into it. 

We can see this when he avoids fighting against Shanks and Sakazuki.

He purposely avoided it, because he thought there was no advantage to fighting against the two of them back then. 

In addition, he had also calculated his strength to face the two characters.

Of course, it will be interesting to see how Blackbeard's actions and big plans will be in the future.

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