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One Piece: Oh No! Sanji's Position Replaced by Jinbe

One Piece: Oh No! Sanji's Position Replaced by Jinbe

One of the speculations and concerns of some One Piece fans after Jinbe's joining as the new Nakama is how he changes the group's power map. 

In this case, fans suspect that Sanji will shift the position of the trio of monsters, especially Sanji. 

The Straw Hat Pirates are one of the strongest pirate groups today.

Unlike the pirate crews of Kid or Law, the quality of the Straw Hat crew is far above them. 

Despite their uneven abilities, the Straw Hat crew complement each other. 

That's what makes them compact and solid. 

However, we cannot deny that strength and ability are the problems they must face.

Like it or not, the Straw Hats always depend on their three mainstay crews, namely Sanji, Zoro, and Luffy. 

They are often referred to as the trio of monsters. 

Their slick relationship has been built since the three of them met and were on the same ship. 

We have to admit too, looking at the figures of Luffy and Zoro, Sanji is a less dominant character in the fight.

Fans often compare Sanji's strength with Zoro's figure. 

In fact, there is a power competition between these two characters. 

Even so, no one was able to break the harmony between the three of them until the figure of Jinbe appeared. 

Jinbe is a new member of the Straw Hats. 

Even so, the meeting between Luffy and Jinbe himself actually happened a long time ago.

Luffy and Jinbe's Encounter

One Piece: Oh No! Sanji's Position Replaced by Jinbe

Luffy and Jinbe himself met at Impel Down and then they were involved in various adventures together, such as during the great war at Marineford or when Luffy had to face the bad guys in the fish-man island arc. 

Jinbe himself is a friend of Ace, who was asked for help to take care of Luffy. 

Jinbei then joins the Straw Hat crew at the end of the Whole Cake Island arc.

However, at that time, he had not joined because he was trying to block Big Mom's figure. 

Jinbei only joined in the third round of the Wanokuni arc when Luffy's alliance was about to go to Onigashima. 

The joining of Jinbei did get mixed responses from fans. 

Some support it and some reject it. 

Those who support think that joining Jinbei will increase the strength of the Straw Hat crew.

Jinbei is one great fighter with his fish-man karate. 

In addition he is also reliable in controlling the ship. 

But, on the other hand, those who refuse think that Jinbei's appearance will actually make "everything" chaotic, especially the strong dynamism that has been built between the trio of monsters. 

And whether it was intentional or not, Eiichiro Oda seemed to give a hint that the appearance of Jinbei actually "damaged" the dynamism among the previous trio of monsters.

In the battle of Onigashima, Jinbei was so eager to face the Beast pirates, by appearing in several important moments. 

Same with Luffy and Zoro. 

In the last panel of chapter 987 we also see that the three people in front are Zoro, Luffy, and Jinbei. 

In fact, usually Jinbei's position is always filled by Sanji.

Indeed, we still don't know for sure why Oda Sensei did this. 

Some think that this happened because Oda Sensei much preferred Jinbei's character to Sanji's figure. 

However, there might be other reasons why Oda Sensei did this.

Sanji's Bounty Under Jinbe

One Piece: Oh No! Sanji's Position Replaced by Jinbe

In addition to shifting Sanji's "interest" in the trio of monsters, Jinbe is also proven to be able to shift Sanji's position in terms of game value. 

We can find out about this in the latest chapter of the series. 

In chapter 1058, we finally found out the latest bounty of the Straw Hats. 

Based on his information, Sanji got a bounty of 1,032,000,000 Belly.

Meanwhile, Roronoa Zoro got a bounty of 1,101,000,000 Belly and Jinbe's value was 1,100,000,000 Belly. 

This of course raises a question mark why then Sanji's bounty can be smaller than Jinbe's. 

In fact, the ones they are fighting have different qualities. 

Jinbe faced a Who's Who who was only at the Flying Six level.

Meanwhile, Sanji fought against Queen who incidentally is part of the All-Stars and is the number 3 strongest figure in the Beast pirate group. 

Supposedly, Sanji's bounty was at Jinbe's bounty. 

This also seems to be another indication that the sea knight is starting to shift Sanji's position in the Straw Hat group. 

Of course there is a strong reason why Oda Sensei did this.

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