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Boruto: Did Amado become a Konoha Traitor?

Boruto: Did Amado become a Konoha Traitor?

One of the most interesting and curious things about the Boruto series is Amado's intention. 

Since the beginning of his emergence as Kara's head of research, until now he is part of Konoha, we still don't know what his main goal is. 

What later became Amado's motive for being in Konoha, besides asking for protection from the pursuit of Isshiki's figure.

As we know, he was originally part of the Kara organization. Amado is the chief scientist of the organization in charge of various matters. 

For example creating a new cyborg or taking care of various things, including preparing the perfect container for Isshiki, who is none other than Kawaki. 

However, then he did something unexpected.

Amado decided to defect from Kara and went to Konoha. He helped Naruto and the others to defeat Isshiki. 

Although it seems Amado is starting to want to do good things, but many do not believe in his figure. 

They suspect that there is a hidden agenda from Amado that we don't know yet. 

This is also reinforced by his words in chapter 71 yesterday.

In his conversation with Eida, Amado admits that he has a big plan involving the figure of Kawaki. 

However, because it was too complicated and long he did not tell what the goal was. 

With a very mysterious goal, it is not surprising that many fans later predict that Amado is an evil figure or has evil intentions.

Various Evidence of Evil Amado

Boruto: Did Amado become a Konoha Traitor?

One proof of Amado's suspicions that he is a bad person is how he awakens the Karma seal in Kawaki's body. 

He did so without Kawaki's consent and knowledge. 

It does make the character regain great power, but on the other hand this also raises suspicion and a big question mark.

Amado said he did it on purpose so that Kawaki could protect Naruto, as well as Boruto and all his friends in Konoha. 

However, no one believed what he said. In fact, after what Amado did to Kawaki, there is a possibility that when he became an ally for Konoha, he also actually became the village's biggest enemy. 

In other words, he was an enemy in a blanket.

When Eida and Daemon realized that Amado would be very useful if he were alive, they decided to prevent Code from killing him. 

This is what makes their deal finally void, and Code decides to leave. 

Amado then made an offer to the two of them to go to Konoha. 

Even so, there is one important thing that later emerged in the conversation between Eida and Amado, namely the secret about Kawaki's figure.

Amado admits that he has implanted an emergency system in Kawaki's body, which only he can stop or control. 

This seems similar to a limiter in the body of Code that prevents it from using its full potential. 

However, for Kawaki's case, Amado admitted that he could completely "turn off" his body. 

Hearing this, Eida said that Amado was a petty person.

Amado Is Konoha's Enemy

Boruto: Did Amado become a Konoha Traitor?

If then one day Kawaki turns into Konoha's enemy, Amado will then save Konoha. 

How to? By activating the emergency system. 

That way, he would then be considered a savior figure for the village of Konoha. 

Based on the available information Amado doesn't seem to be able to hide it, that he's trying to manipulate Konoha.

Eida, thanks to her ability to control others, understands Amado's mindset. 

That's why he then considered the scientist as an evil figure. 

On the other hand, this also raises a big problem, where Eida and Daemon certainly can't believe Amado. 

Moreover, what is the plan to bring the two of them to Konoha.

Considering that no one ever knew how Amado worked, it wasn't impossible that without the knowledge of many people he had brainwashed Kawaki. 

This coincides with the activation of Isshiki's Karma seal. 

In another article, it was written that the pills Amado gave to Naruto for Boruto to consume could have other side effects. 

An example is how Amado was able to control Boruto or even kill him.

This will certainly suit Amado's character, which makes him the most terrible enemy Konoha has ever faced. 

Amado did not openly challenge or attack Konoha. 

However, how he had secretly prepared everything was even worse and horrifying.

We still have to wait for Amado's main mission, but it seems that Shikamaru is now starting to be more alert after Kawaki's explanation in chapter 72. 

Later, Amado also admitted that he had to mobilize the teenagers to fight each other. 

Also, he admits that he was forced to let go of the Code limiter because his life was at stake.


Boruto: Did Amado become a Konoha Traitor?

Amado is a time bomb for Konoha that can explode at any time. 

He is also a trojan horse who keeps all his grand plans neatly, and waits for the right time to execute them. 

Moreover, now Amado has "control" over Eida and Daemon. 

This would of course give him time to dig deeper into Konoha, while Sasuke and Naruto didn't realize they were outclassed.

In essence, Amado was in complete control right now. 

Shikamaru needs to do everything he can to prevent this from happening, and stop Amado's grand plan. 

Shikamaru realized that Konoha was currently facing a major threat from the Code. 

However, he could no longer accept any other threats let alone from within.

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