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One Piece: Not Yonkou Buggy, This Is The Person Behind The Formation Of Cross Guild And The Reason Mihawk Can Join


The emergence of the Cross Guild organization in One Piece makes the Marines threatened.

Where the Cross Guild organization in One Piece provides a bounty for the Marines.

Cross Guild is known as an organization formed by Buggy and building a partnership with Crocodile and Mihawk.

Information about the Cross Guild organization appeared in the newspaper, in the newspaper there was a photo of Yonkou Buggy as the leader and Mihawk and Crocodile as members and there were two crossed swords.

The movement of the Cross Guild organization could not only pose a threat to the Marines but also threaten the position of the World Government.

The three people on the Cross Guild organization poster were former members of the Shichibukai.

Even the formation of the Cross Guild organization in One Piece is considered a form of rebellion by former Shichibukai members who were hunted by the Navy after Reverie's decision regarding the disbandment of the Shichibukai group.

But what is the focus of the Cross Guild poster, some fans think Crocodile and Mihawk have become Yonkou Buggy's subordinates.

If it was true that Mihawk was Buggy's subordinate, surely he had a good reason for that.

As explained by one One Piece theory which says that the Cross Guild Organization was not actually formed by Buggy's thoughts but there are other people behind the formation of the Cross Guild.

The Cross Guild organization was actually formed by Shanks, based on the theory circulating that the sword image on the Cross Guild poster was Shanks' sword.

That way it would make sense for Mihawk to accept being Buggy's subordinate and become a member of the Cross Guild.

Where the cooperative relationship between Shanks and Mihawk has existed for a long time, apart from being rivals in sword fighting.

Mihawk once met Shanks only to tell him that Luffy already had a bounty.

Mihawk also greatly respects Shanks' decision, where during the war at Marineford when Shanks and the Akagami Pirates stopped the war, Mihawk immediately retreated from the battlefield.

Therefore, when Shanks formed the Cross Guild organization. Mihawk is willing to work with Yonkou Buggy even though Mihawk knows that Buggy is a coward.

But it can't be denied either, where Buggy is Mihawk's natural enemy.

Karen is just Buggy who Mihawk can't cut down even though he is the strongest swordsman in the world of One Piece.

In addition, several assumptions arise regarding the main reason Shanks formed the Cross Guild organization is a form of threat to the Navy and the World Government and is a sign that a New Era has begun.

Shanks apparently also has a plan in the New Era which was formed after the fall of two Yonkou namely Kaido and Big Mom.

That's why he helped get rid of Admiral Ryokugyu from Wano so that the journey of Luffy and the others could run smoothly when they left Wano Kuni.

Because in the New Era this is the time to get One Piece.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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