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Tokyo Revengers 265 Spoilers: Mikey's Past

Tokyo Revengers 265 Spoilers: Mikey's Past

Mikey's life has had two sad moments and we see both. 

Maybe the third cry will be shown in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265. 

Will the Draken die?

The last chapter is about his mother's death and his hatred for weak people. 

This chapter is about his brother's death and his appreciation of the strong.

The anime will also be returning soon since the Tokyo Revengers Season 2 release date has been announced.

The upcoming edition will have a whopping 26 pages in addition to the opening color pages. We are very excited to read this new chapter. 

This will probably be the last chapter that focuses on Mikey's story. 

After that, most likely, we'll jump back into the present.

Still, we need answers. 

What causes Mikey to be so dark? What does he hold inside of him? 

A monster resides inside him, but what does he eat? 

And of course, there's the fanatical Sanzu and his words about Mikey destined to lead the dark side. 

We need so many answers.

Did you know that Warner Bros Japan is serializing a live-action film in Tokyo Revengers? 

The first movie is out in 2021 and we already have confirmation that a sequel has been announced. 

It will probably be released in 2023.

Two people are responsible for setting up a storm in Mikey's life. And surprisingly, neither of them were Kazutora.

It was Takemichi and Kisaki – two wild cards with very different personas. 

We will see the next phase of Mikey's life in Manga Tokyo Revengers 265.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265 Spoiler (Fans Theory)

Tokyo Revengers 265 Spoilers: Mikey's Past

If Kazutora and Baji decided that they would just give Mikey a card and some chocolates on his birthday, the story would probably be much, much shorter! 

However, that one thing caused so much.

In this chapter, we saw the first scene of Draken and Emma getting closer. 

Maybe we'll see more in the raw scan of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 265.

What did Drakens do?

Draken arrives at Mikey's house, inviting him to meet his brother. 

He met Emma for the first time. 

Although a little scared, he liked her personality. 

The two cut off the call of the rest of the group and they ended up going to the temple.

Here, Mikey meets Mitsuya. Six of them – Mikey, Draken, Baji, Mitsuya, Pahchin, and Kazutora, founded the Tokyo Manji Gang. 

They are very close friends and Mikey wants to be with these strong people forever.

He never wanted things to change. However, fate willed otherwise. 

Tokyo Revengers 265 English Chapter will continue Mikey's predicament.

Why did Mikey cry a second time?

Tokyo Revengers 265 Spoilers: Mikey's Past

It was his birthday and Mikey was called by his brother for a surprise. 

When he reached the shop, he saw Baji crying. 

Before long, he realized how his brother had died and his two best friends were responsible for this situation.

It was the loss that destroyed it. 

In those moments of sadness and anger, he swore to his brother that he would be the number one gang.

He wondered, that if Toman rose to the highest rank, would he reach his brother all the way to the sky?!

And that led to a strong expansion of Toman. 

We saw Smiley and Angry join in, then Hakkai and even Chifuyu. 

Tokyo Revengers Manga 265 spoilers will continue with the heartbreaking story of Toman through Mikey's eyes.

What changed Mikey's fate?

Tokyo Revengers 265 Spoilers: Mikey's Past

With the new year approaching, Mikey decided that Toman would try to soar even higher. 

They will take the whole world. 

Together with the various crews, he proceeded with great strength.

But that's when Takemichi and Kisaki appear! 

The early Tokyo Revengers 265 spoiler will show how Mikey's life changes. 

So stay tuned with Restless Ink.

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