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One Piece: Marines Will Be Annihilated

One Piece: Marines Will Be Annihilated

Marine in One Piece is one of the greatest forces in the world. 

They are the spearhead of the World Government in terms of maintaining peace and upholding justice. 

They are also the spearheads in all matters concerning the affairs of the World Government. 

For example, the moment of destruction of the Ohara region decades ago.

With everything they did, it was only natural that Marine was so feared by many people. 

Although there are those who actually carry out their duties well, there are also navies who actually abuse their positions. 

For example the figure of Morgan or Nezumi. 

We still don't know when Marine first appeared. However, it may coincide with the establishment of the World Government.

Speaking of Marine, it seemed they were currently in an era where they were in an unstable state. 

Marine is usually one of the main forces because of their absolute situation. 

However, in this modern era, this seems to be starting to falter. 

This is also recognized by the new Fleet Admiral, Sakazuki.

In chapter 1054 yesterday, Sakazuki said that he became a Fleet Admiral in a very bad era especially for Marine. 

There were many things that made Sakazuki say that. 

For example, there are many traitors in Marine. 

Not to mention not a few people who hate him so much.

Then, his power or authority as the head of Marine is often exceeded by those in the World Government. 

And if you look at what has happened so far, these things are true. 

There are several moments that prove how Marine in the current era is really in bad shape.

Various Moments of Marine “Destruction”

One Piece: Marines Will Be Annihilated

Admiral Fujitora decided to let Luffy escape in the Dressrosa arc. 

In fact, it was his duty to catch one of the pirates they were most looking for. 

However, he decided not to do his job and let his target escape. 

Although there were indeed human and logical reasons why Fujitora decided to do so.

The most recent is how Aramaki actually added to the burden and worsened the condition of Marine. 

He was strong, but he didn't want to listen to orders. 

After he and Fujitora failed to carry out an assignment at Mary Geoise to capture the Revolutionary Army, he decided instead to go to Wano alone. 

Sakazuki had already given a warning not to take any action.

What happened was quite the opposite. 

Aramaki instead attacks everyone alone, in order to defeat Luffy and bring him to Sakazuki. 

He even had time to ask for the help of a fleet of warships to Wano. 

However, before he succeeded in carrying out his mission, there was a figure of Shanks who managed to stop it. 

On the other hand, the other admiral, Kizaru, seemed to be doing nothing.

He did offer to go to Wano and Sakazuki refused. He reasoned that they didn't know how much power the samurai were. 

However, before that Kizaru really didn't do anything. 

The Gorosei also often interfered in every decision that Sakazuki made. 

They also sometimes do rude things to Sakazuki.

No less epic is how now Sakazuki's former partner, Kuzan, decides to join the most dangerous pirate group in the world. 

All of these things happen simultaneously or alternately, as if Marine now no longer has the ability to control anything. 

This also raises the question of what will happen next with Marine.

Marine Conditions Are Very Chaotic

One Piece: Marines Will Be Annihilated

The current state of Marine was truly extremely chaotic, and even the World Government and Im did nothing to remedy the situation at all. 

She and the Gorosei just kept quiet while observing the situation and conditions. 

This time, they were truly in a state of danger or on the verge of collapse. 

It's only a matter of time before something much worse happens.

In addition to the various moments above, another terrible moment that happened was that they let Sabo escape from Mary Geoise while carrying Kuma. 

The chaos caused by the defeat of Big Mom and Kaido is still not well resolved until now. 

There was a moment of coup d'etat that also occurred in Alabasta. 

The enemy of Marine is now increasing after the Shichibukai system disbanded.

So, in conclusion, from the explanation above we can draw the conclusion that the World Government and Marine are on the verge of collapse. 

Although their influence is still great, the various events that have occurred so far have diminished and made their reputation eroded. 

What will Sakazuki then do next? 

What is the next step for the World Government?

We look forward to it!

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