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One Piece 1056 Spoiler: Wano Gate Failed To Open, Luffy Doesn't Need Pluton

Luffy apparently doesn't need Pluton's ancient weapon, even after Robin already knows the object's true location.

One Piece Chapter 1056 which will be released on August 5, 2022 is the end of Luffy from the Wano Kuni arc.

Marked with Luffy and the Straw Hat pirates leaving the land of Wano Kuni.

Some of the new information described in the One Piece manga chapter 1056, apart from Luffy in this chapter, also discusses the fate of Pluton's ancient weapon.

After Luffy defeated Kaido and kept his promise to Tama and the Akazaya, he decided to leave Wano Country.

Wano is the longest arc of One Piece which contains 146 chapters officially ending, with Luffy leaving Wano without bringing Pluton.

As in the One Piece chapter 1056 spoiler uploaded by the Twitter account @OP_NEWS2022 regarding Robin and Luffy's conversation about Pluton's ancient weapon.

Even after Robin finds out the true location of Pluton's ancient weapon, Luffy doesn't want to have Pluton.

Meanwhile, Pluton's ancient weapons have been targeted by various groups, including the World Government, because of the pluton's destructive power.

From the information circulating about Pluto, the ancient weapon was shaped like a warship.

Crocodile said during the Alabasta arc that a single shot from a pluton could destroy an island.

The location of Pluton is right in line with Mount Fuji, Wano country, the existence of ancient pluton weapons in Wano land was revealed by Eiichiro Oda in the One Piece manga arc Wano.

Apart from Kozuki Sukiyaki, the people who know Pluton's true location are Law and Robin.

If information about the ancient weapons of pluton was first introduced in Alabasta, the shape of the weapons was revealed when Franky burned the blueprints of Pluton.

The way to release Pluton, according to Sukiyaki's description, the object can be removed is by destroying the walls that surround Wano.

From this explanation, some One Piece fans think that Kozuki Oden's intention to open the gates of Wano is to destroy the walls.

If the wall is destroyed, then the whereabouts of the ruins of the ancient city that have been carried by the waters of Wano that have been hidden for so long will be revealed.

Once Pluton is released, it will be big news in the world of One Piece. That way more and more pirates will head to Wano just to seize the pluton.

However, after Luffy refused to own Pluton, it meant that the ancient weapon would not be released, so that it became a secret of the land of Wano forever.

Momonosuke as the new shogun in the land of Wano also has no intention of opening the gates of Wano, even though it is a will from Kozuki Oden. Because releasing a pluton will cause Wano to be even more dangerous than when it was controlled by Kaido.

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