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One Piece: Luffy VS Shanks, Are Their Haki Powers Equal?

One Piece: Luffy VS Shanks, Are Their Haki Powers Equal?

Luffy's Haki is on par with Shanks? 

Luffy's increase in strength throughout the One Piece series is something very extraordinary. 

In fact, he is a character whose strength development is the fastest than any other character. 

We can see how Luffy's strength has grown in just two years. 

The most epic is how Luffy's power develops in a short time in the fight against Kaido.

The Wano arc is by far the storyline which presents Luffy's most drastic power development. 

He was able to become a very powerful figure in a fairly short time. 

In fact, the most epic is how Luffy is able to subdue the most powerful creature in the world, namely Kaido in a one-on-one fight.

In addition to physical strength, the most noticeable improvement from Luffy's figure is his Haki ability. 

After the timeskip, Luffy's Haki has developed very well. 

However, it was only when Luffy experienced various other adventures from the Zou to Wano arc that Luffy developed the Haki power himself based on his fighting experience.

After Luffy unlocked the full potential of his Observation Haki against Katakuri, Luffy managed to increase his Conqueror Haki against Kaido. 

He managed to reach the highest stage of this type of Haki, namely Advanced Conqueror Haki which is also Kaido's mainstay. 

However, the question arises whether Luffy's Haki ability is on par with Shanks?

Shanks' Haki Ability

One Piece: Luffy VS Shanks, Are Their Haki Powers Equal?

In chapter 1055, we saw how Shanks communicates with Aramaki using Conqueror Haki. 

In addition, Shanks' Haki also managed to paralyze the admiral. As we all know, Conqueror Haki is able to dominate other people's willpower. 

The stronger a person is, the higher his willpower will be.

In fact, the most epic is not only being able to communicate with Aramaki. 

Shanks was even able to paralyze the admiral with his Haki powers. 

Seeing how Luffy's Haki has developed after his fight against Kaido, many are curious about whether Luffy's Haki is on par with Shanks?

There is a growing speculation among fans that there is a possibility that Luffy is also capable of doing what Shanks did. 

It's just that the level is still not as strong and powerful as Shanks. 

In chapter 1044, in one of the panels a black cloud appears over the sky of Onigashima when Luffy regains consciousness, and fans find out that he is the new Joy Boy based on Zunesha's confession.

What's interesting is why Conqueror Haki then appears when Luffy is in a happy or happy state, after he managed to awaken his devil fruit. 

The goal of Haki is to dominate the opponent's willpower, so what happens? 

Why did it happen? 

There are several possibilities that arise in the speculation regarding this matter.

First, Luffy still hasn't really mastered Gear 5. 

This is natural because Luffy only really awakened his devil fruit power at that time. 

Second, as he's done before, it's likely that Luffy uses the power unconsciously. 

Third, there is also the possibility that it is the willpower of his devil fruit.

Luffy's Awakening

One Piece: Luffy VS Shanks, Are Their Haki Powers Equal?

After Luffy awakened his devil fruit power, he knew and was confident that at that time he would not lose to Kaido. 

He also then gave a hint to his alliance that he was still alive, by spreading the power of will. 

Kaido's men did not know where the Haki power came from, until then a giant white figure appeared from the sky and grabbed Kaido's body.

So, in conclusion, Luffy's Haki is already at the same level as Shanks. 

It's just that, for now, Luffy still doesn't really get the hang of it. 

Maybe, in the future after he manages to master the power we will see what Shanks does to Aramaki. 

In fact, it is not impossible that Luffy's Haki will be much stronger and more powerful than Shanks.

One Piece: Luffy VS Shanks, Are Their Haki Powers Equal?

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