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One Piece Chapter 1058: Doctor Vegapunk Finally Seen, This Is SSG Appearance

The following is a prediction of the One Piece 1058 manga based on the previous chapter.

By referring to the One Piece 1057 manga series, at least we can get an idea of ​​the One Piece manga chapter 1058.

As we know on the cover of the manga series One Piece 1057 ago, Caesar Clown released poison gas where the Vinsmoke children were fighting against Katakuri and Oven.

Katakuri and Oven were actually too strong for Reiju and the siblings to face, so the chances of them winning were almost nil.

But with the arrival of Caesar Clown, able to interfere with Katakuri and Oven so that even though the Vinsmoke children did not win but they would manage to escape.

Caesar will also come with the Vinsmoke family, the collaboration of Caesar Clown and Vinsmoke Judge will later produce extraordinary findings.

The Germa Kingdom will also have a stronger army, because Caesar is on his side.

Entering the main story, in chapter 1058 later, the state of the world will get the spotlight, following the previous pattern.

Various important things in the world will be shown, when the Wano Kuni arc is over.

Then after the Wano Kuni arc ended, more important things emerged, mulsi from the shocking news about Sabo.

Incidents related to the kingdom of Alabasta, the great movement of Blackbeard, the Shichibukai were disbanded and then hunted down.

The bounties of several big names were revealed to information about the Rocks pirates and the God Valley incident, considering that the third Wano Kuni arc has been completed and is also the end of the Wano Kuni arc.

Then the spotlight on the state of the world will definitely appear in Chapter 1058 later, which will be even more interesting than before.

The first thing that would be shown was the organization of the Cross Guild, it would be revealed that in fact Buggy was not the leader of the Cross Guild.

There has been a misunderstanding that the public thinks that Buggy is the leader of the criminal organization.

Whereas Cross Guild implements a system of cooperation, or alliances, three of which are Buggy, Mihawk and Crocodile.

The Cross Guild is an organization that is really serious about opposing the Marines, because they will provide Bounty prices for Marine personnel.

Crocodile will ask them to be careful with SSG units. As we know, the SSG unit is a new unit in the Navy created by Dr. Vegapunk.

According to Fujitora the power of the SSG was so great that the power of the Shichibukai was no longer needed.

After that, the SSG Unit will be shown in the form of a Cyborg similar to a Pacifista, but looks more sophisticated and tough.

Near the uni SSG Vega Punk will appear, so we will see what the scientist looks like although it is not very clear.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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