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One Piece: 3 New Facts About Cross Guild You Must Know!

Entering chapter 1058 there are new facts about the Cross Guild organization. 

This organization is an organization formed after the dissolution of the Shichibukai system. Just like the Shichibukai, the world government is also very vigilant and pays more attention to the Cross Guild. 

This was because the Cross Guild was not an organization to be trifled with. 

Check out the latest facts about the following Cross Guild:

Cross Guild Formed

The organization 'Cross Guild' was originally a group that Crocodile had deliberately formed.

We found about this in the previous chapter 1057, where it turned out that he was the one who formed or initiated the organization. 

And it wasn't Buggy who became the leader as we know it. That is, the World Government itself has misinterpreted about it.

Previously, the World Government considered that Buggy was the leader of the organization. Apparently, this is because the photo is in the middle. 

So, they thought that Buggy was the leader, which raised quite a few questions. 

However, in the end, this puzzle was answered where Crocodile formed him and then he took Mihawk.

Cross Guild Member

As explained above, this organization was originally a group that Crocodile formed by bringing along Dracule Mihawk. 

He did so under the assumption that the Shichibukai system itself had disbanded. 

So, in the beginning, the members of the Cross Guild were only 2 people. 

Then, how then did Buggy join this organization?

This again happened by accident. At first, Crocodile came to collect his debt to Buggy. 

However, Buggy's followers misjudged where they thought the action was a form of rescue. And yesterday's chapter 1057 finally officially – although forced – Cross Guild consists of 3 people. 

There is still no information on whether they will recruit another one.

The Organization's Mission

Apart from the exact number of members and also who joined, there is still no information regarding the mission of the formation of the new organization. 

To be sure, considering that the organization contains powerful pirates and former Shichibukai means that their mission will be against the navy and also the World Government.

In chapter 1056 yesterday Kid explained that the Cross Guild held a competition to hunt down the navy. Whoever manages to do so will be rewarded. 

Even so, their main mission is not actually hunting down the navy. However, just forming an organization would scare the entire navy. 

This is what Crocodile revealed to Mihawk in chapter 1058.

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