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One Piece: 3 Ancient Weapons of the Joy Boy Era Finally Revealed!

One Piece: 3 Ancient Weapons of the Joy Boy Era Finally Revealed!

There are three deadly ancient weapons in the One Piece series.

These Three Ancient Weapons are known as Pluton, Poseidon, and Uranus.

This weapon was not limited to only inanimate objects, but consisted of living things as well.

Ancient Weapons was an argument used by the World Government to ban Void Century research, because they feared that knowledge of weapons could result in a major war.

These Three Ancient Weapons were said to be extremely dangerous, therefore the World Government was worried and frightened.

Here are 3 Ancient Weapons in One Piece:

1. Pluton

One Piece: 3 Ancient Weapons of the Joy Boy Era Finally Revealed!

Pluton is the first Ancient Weapon that Oda Sensei introduced to One Piece fans. 

There is no information as to what the original form of Pluton will be. 

However, Oda describes Pluton as "the most terrible ancient ocean ship" that can bring about catastrophic destruction. 

Reportedly, Pluton was built in the Water 7 region during the lost century.

Once completed, the shipbuilders then hid Pluton's blueprints for security reasons. 

When the blueprints fall into the hands of the wrong people, then a major disaster is possible. 

Realizing the danger, Franky decided to burn the blueprint. 

Meaning, currently, there was no longer any blueprint for the Pluton Ancient Weapon. 

Even so, Franky might remember it.

Based on the existing information, which appears in the story, Pluton is an Ancient Weapon that has the shape of a ship. 

In addition, the ship is equipped with a formidable weaponry. 

That's why Pluton earned the nickname "the most terrible warship".

However, until now there is no idea what it will look like. In fact, Franky himself had burned the blueprints.

As one of the Ancient Weapons, the power of Pluton, of course, we can say is extraordinary. 

According to available information, the awesomeness of Pluton is that it is able to sink all the islands into the ocean. 

One attack from Pluton can sink an island. However, the details of his own abilities are still unknown.

2. Poseidon

One Piece: 3 Ancient Weapons of the Joy Boy Era Finally Revealed!

Poseidon is first mentioned when Nico Robin reads the Poneglyph in Skypiea.

However, the details of the weapon were not investigated until Robin reached Fish-Man Island.

Poseidon is a mermaid living in the Void Century who has the power to talk to Sea Kings.

In the world of One Piece, of course the sea is everything, therefore the Sea King can bring disaster if deployed in war.

Poseidon can turn these Sea Kings into deadly weapons!

Princess Shirahoshi is said to have the power to speak to the Sea King, and as stated in a conversation between Neptune and Nico Robin, Shirahoshi has now inherited the title "Poseidon".

3. Uranus (Theory)

One Piece: 3 Ancient Weapons of the Joy Boy Era Finally Revealed!

According to the theory circulating Uranus is Joy Boy, and Joy Boy is also Monkey D. Luffy.

Amatsuki Toki is the daughter of Joy Boy.

Uranus in Greek mythology is the son and husband of the earth goddess, Gaia.

They have offspring named Kronos / Chronos / Kairos or known as the titan of time.

The name Toki itself in Japanese means time, her power is also related to time.

She can jump into the future or send someone to the future.

Many fans argue that Toki comes from the Void Century or the Joy Boy era.

This also explains why Momonosuke can rule Zunisha, it's because he's a direct descendant or grandson of Joy Boy.

The conclusion is Luffy Luffy is the reincarnation of Uranus and he is one of the ancient weapons.
Rintarou Time traveller.

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