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One Piece 1059 Spoilers Reddit: Revolutionary Army Attacks World Government!

One Piece 1059 Spoilers Reddit: Revolutionary Army Attacks World Government!

 Chapter 1058 yesterday became the starting point for the journey to a new arc which became the final phase of the One Piece series. 

After four years, we finally finished the storyline in Wano Country and started moving on to the next storyline. 

There are many interesting and important things that appear during the Wano Arc, which have a big influence on the series.

Chapter 1058 yesterday itself presented some important information, for example, the latest bounty of the Straw Hat crew. 

We also know what really happened with the Cross Guild organization, which turned out to be a misunderstanding again. 

And finally, we see how the Revolutionary Army, especially Dragon, are tensed about Sabo's disappearance.

Spoiler Chapter 1059 (Prediction)

One Piece 1059 Spoilers Reddit: Revolutionary Army Attacks World Government!

Then, what might happen in the upcoming chapter 1059? 

First, maybe we will see a continuation of what happened at the end of chapter 1058. 

In the chapter, we see how there is a connection with den den mushi that enters the headquarters of the Revolutionary Army. 

The figure claims to be Sabo. 

There are several possibilities in this case.

First, the figure is indeed Sabo. 

In yesterday's chapter, Sabo's figure disappeared, when all the Revolutionary Army commanders managed to return to their headquarters in Kamabakka. 

This also raises a big question mark about the whereabouts of Sabo. 

Previously, he also briefly disappeared and became a question mark after the events at Levely and it was later revealed that his mission to save Kuma was successful.

Second, it could be a trap or not the real Sabo figure. 

In the previous chapter, Sakazuki and Kurouma mentioned that it was time for them to stop all major movements in the world of One Piece. 

Including, one of them is what the Revolutionary Army did. 

It could be that the voice is not the real Sabo but an imitation voice.

The goal is to trap and find out where the location of the Revolutionary Army is. 

In one of the panels on the last page of chapter 1058, it appears that the naval forces are preparing to conduct wiretapping from the den den mushi connection. 

It's not impossible if it was a trick the navy did to find out where Sabo was.

Alternatively, we'll start to see what adventures Luffy will face next. 

Perhaps, they will meet a strong figure. 

Or maybe we'll finally know where Luffy and the Straw Hats are headed. 

Next, maybe we'll see how the Cross Guild organization develops. 

This organization is in the spotlight of many parties.

More Predictions

One Piece 1059 Spoilers Reddit: Revolutionary Army Attacks World Government!

Cross Guild will probably be the main focus in chapter 1059 later. 

This is because the organization is now "officially" running. 

Mihawk and Crocodile agreed to let Buggy get all the fame and public spotlight, while they both could freely do whatever they wanted. 

Moreover, Mihawk himself admitted that he just wanted to live in peace.

On the other hand, maybe chapter 1059 will be the beginning of the peak of high tension between the Revolutionary Army and the World Government. 

The Revolutionary Army probably realized that Sabo wouldn't do something terrible, like killing Nefertari Cobra. 

Because of that, Dragon might even begin to devise a strategy to launch an attack on the side of the Celestial Dragons and the World Government.

This will certainly be a sign of the biggest and most epic peak war that Oda will present in the series. 

This battle will mark the end of the One Piece series. 

What will happen next in the One Piece series? Did Sabo really kill Cobra?

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Unknown August 31, 2022 at 6:47 AM Delete Comment
I believe Oda would'nt reveal anything about Sabo but go straight to Luffy's adventure