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One Punch Man: God Becomes a New Threat!

One Punch Man: God Becomes a New Threat!

The One Punch Man series has just given a hint to fans about a new threat to Saitama. 

Although the threat figure has been in the story for a long time, the figure itself will only appear in the future. 

Some fans believe that the new threat is none other than Garou the hero hunter.

His figure grew stronger after God gave him strength. 

Some fans believe that Garou is a figure who will bring a "big disaster" to the earth, as has appeared in Lady Shibabawa's prophecy. 

However, it seems that this prediction has not been proven. 

The big threat that the earth and Saitama face is not Garou, but there is another figure.

And this figure seems to be really providing the big challenge that Saitama has wanted. 

Lady Shibabawa herself is a famous fortune teller, where she always manages to predict future disasters. 

His figure was so important, especially to the Hero Association side, because his prophecy helped them prepare for everything.

In chapter 28, Lady Shibabawa predicts that there will be a very great disaster next year. 

He saw that the disaster was much bigger than before, which threatened the existence of the earth and everything in it. 

Unfortunately, Lady Shibabawa could not explain further about her prediction because she died. 

However, it seems that Shibabawa's prediction has begun to be proven.

Who is the Big Threat?

One Punch Man: God Becomes a New Threat!

Chapter 170 exposed us to the situation that existed after the epic battle between the Hero Association and the Monster Association. 

Then, we also see the epic battle between Saitama and Garou. 

During this time, the Monster Association had always been the greatest threat the heroes faced. However, this stopped after Saitama - in secret - managed to defeat their leader, Orochi.

However, it turns out that Garou proves that he can be a far more terrible threat, especially after he receives the tremendous power of God. 

It made him an almost invincible figure thanks to Garou's Cosmic transformation. 

It was again Saitama who managed to stop Garou, and Sitch, as the leader of the Hero Association, was still considering accepting Garou into his rehabilitation program.

On the other hand, he was also still considering accepting Garou as a replacement for Silver Fang who decided to step down as a hero. 

Sitch was aware that there would be resistance from the other heroes. 

However, he seemed to have no other choice. 

Sitch realized that Garou might also be able to help them prepare for the great disaster that Shibabawa foretold.

In the attack of Boros and the Dark Matter Thieves on earth, Sitch had finally believed that Shibabawa's prophecy had begun to come true. 

The reason is, Boros and his group managed to destroy many areas which finally made Sitch think that it was the moment that Shibabawa foretold. 

However, in fact, that was not what Shibabawa meant.

In chapter 170, how Sitch is so worried about the prophecy shows that the "great disaster" has yet to appear. 

In fact, there is speculation that Saitama might also face problems or difficulties in overcoming this. 

Based on the latest story in the series, there is a possibility that the big threat that has the potential to destroy the earth is God.

God Becomes a Threat

One Punch Man: God Becomes a New Threat!

Until now, Murata Sensei himself still hasn't confirmed the speculation that is circulating among fans. 

They mentioned that God was most likely trapped or imprisoned on the moon. 

There is also a mention that God is imprisoned in a dimension, which is the reason why he then needed a container or avatar to appear on earth.

In the previous chapter, we saw how God has started to show his presence although not yet fully. 

For example, he just showed his legs or other body parts. 

He also just showed his power to people. 

On the other hand, so far only Zombieman (and Garou) has found out about God after what happened.

The hero and the others still didn't know about God's existence. 

It will be interesting to see and know who the real God is, who will be a big threat on earth. 

In addition to being a threat to the earth, previous speculations have also mentioned that maybe God will be the last opponent for Saitama and even other heroes, such as Blast and Garou. 

Let's just wait, geeks, the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

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