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One Piece 1059 Reddit Spoilers: Luffy will Head to Yukiryu Island

Even though the release schedule for One Piece 1059 was delayed for a week, quite a lot of spoilers were circulating from leakers. One of them is Reddit Spoilers.

In One Piece 1059, there is interesting news regarding the island that Luffy, Trafalgar Law, and Eustass Captain Kid will go to after leaving the Wano Arc.

Previously in chapter 1057, leekers agreed that Hachinosu Island and Port Chibaralta Island were the next destinations for Trafalgar Law, and Eustass Captain Kid.

However, for the purposes of Luffy and friends themselves, it is still a hot topic of conversation among leekers.

In addition, Raijin island is also suspected to be their next destination. However, after seeing the One Piece map, the speculation changed.

So, if not Raijin Island, where will Luffy and friends be?

Previously, in chapter 1056 it was shown that Luffy, Eustass Captain Kid, and Trafalgar Law decided to leave Wano, even though they did not say goodbye to Kinemon and Momonosuke.

The three captains of the 'Worst Generation' or commonly referred to as Supernovas chose different paths for their next destination.

Based on the log pose, the destination island points in three directions; Northeast, East and Southeast.

Trafalagar Law chose to go towards the Northeast.

While Luffy and Eustass Captain Kid simultaneously said they wanted to go east.

However, after the re-draw, the defeated Luffy had to accept to go to the Southeast, while Eustass Captain Kid went to the East.

This is what is a 'mystery' for loyal One Piece fans.

What island awaits Luffy and friends in the southeast?

As previously mentioned, it is speculated that Luffy will head to Raijin Island; one of the islands that is always rained with lightning and has been shown before the time skip.

However, when referring to the One Piece world map, some leekers agree that Yukiryu Island or Yukiryu Island will be the next destination for Luffy and friends.

Yukiryu Island was first mentioned in chapter 234.

It is informed that Yukiryu Island is an island that is always covered in snow; as the name implies, which is in the New World

However, Yukiryu Island is confirmed to have an active volcano that is quite large and has a rock structure resembling a dragon; This is also the name of the island.

Interestingly, Yukiryu Island was shown when Akagami no Shanks received a call from one of its crew, namely Rockstar.

So, is Yukiryu Island one of Shanks' territories?

If true, then there is a possibility that Luffy and friends will meet Shanks or at least meet one of the core crew of the Akagami Pirates.

Well, let's look forward to the continuation in One Piece 1059 and the next chapters.

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