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One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: Crocodile's Motive for Joining the Cross Guild Revealed!

One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: Crocodile's Motive for Joining the Cross Guild Revealed!

Crocodile is undoubtedly one of the smartest characters in One Piece. 

Crocodile was able to paralyze a country, influence its people, and almost cause a large-scale rebellion. 

Crocodile is also a strong opponent faced by Luffy for the first time, while in the Alabasta arc. 

Unfortunately Crocodile's intelligence was used for evil.

Crocodile himself was locked up in Impel Down prison after what happened in Alabasta. 

However, the moment Luffy stormed into the prison made him manage to get out of there. 

When the Marineford war occurred, Crocodile was one of the characters involved in the battle. 

However, after the event was over, Crocodile then disappeared.

Crocodile's motive for joining the Cross Guild?

One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: Crocodile's Motive for Joining the Cross Guild Revealed!

The latest news about Crocodile hints that he is in the New World, but it is still unknown what he is doing. 

However, a surprise then appeared in chapter 1056 yesterday where we later found out what happened to this villain. 

As it turned out, he had joined Buggy in the Cross Guild organization.

It is still unknown what kind of organization the Cross Guild actually is. 

However, based on Kid's explanation they gave a bounty to the navy which turned things around. 

Now, they are being hunted after usually those who hunt pirates. 

The Cross Guild itself consists of Buggy, Dracule Mihawk, and Crocodile.

Of the three it was clear Buggy was the weakest in terms of strength. 

However, there is debate among fans whether this also applies to Crocodile. It's really hard to gauge how strong Crocodile really is. 

On the one hand, he is one of the main villains that appears at the beginning of the series. 

In most Shonen stories the big villains that appear at the beginning of the story will eventually be surpassed by other characters.

In other words, Crocodile was probably strong before the timeskip. 

However, after the timeskip and how we see the development of the strength of the other characters, it seems that Crocodile's figure can now be considered no longer too strong. 

Meanwhile, on the other hand, Oda Sensei himself seems to still have something for his character at the end of the story.

It could be that the former Shichibukai is trying to get back to getting his reputation and popularity as before. 

Joining the Cross Guild is one way. 

If so, it means that Crocodile is still a big threat to Luffy and the Straw Hat crew. 

However, the defeat in Alabasta we also cannot forget.

Regardless of his figure who was once a Shichibukai, now Luffy has turned into someone extraordinary. 

In fact, he managed to defeat Kaido who incidentally is a Yonko and the most powerful creature in the world. 

Become Luffy's New Threat?

One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: Crocodile's Motive for Joining the Cross Guild Revealed!

With his current strength, Luffy could have defeated Crocodile very easily.

The epic power of Crocodile actually appeared in the battle of Marineford. 

It seems that he managed to match the abilities of Doflamingo, Mihawk, and even Sakazuki. 

He also managed to kill Whitebeard, before Luffy stopped him. 

Regardless, considering how the opponents he had faced were formidable figures, Crocodile seemed capable of matching their strength in his own way.

This certainly provides evidence of how strong the figure of Crocodile is. 

And what is also certain is that his strength must have increased after what happened earlier. 

Crocodile may not train as blatantly as the Straw Hat crew, but he still trains to improve his strength. 

Crocodile still remains a huge threat to Luffy it makes sense.

The joining of Crocodile with the Cross Guild, and the presence of Mihawk and Buggy there, can certainly increase their strength when they return to fight. 

In addition to fighting, the threat that may arise from the figure of Crocodile is the possibility that Crocodile is still eyeing one of the Ancient Weapons, Pluton. 

In fact, maybe he was also the person Caribou was referring to.

Although in the story we don't see how Crocodile is so passionate about finding Pluton's whereabouts, it's not impossible if he still has that desire. 

With Caribou stealing with about Pluton, and the assumption that Crocodile is the man Caribou is referring to, Crocodile is still a big threat to Luffy makes more sense.


One Piece 1057 Spoilers Reddit: Crocodile's Motive for Joining the Cross Guild Revealed!

If Caribou manages to convey this to Crocodile, and he manages to take control of Wano and then activate Pluton, then he's not only a big threat to Luffy. 

He will also be a great threat to the whole world. 

With all his intelligence and strength, Crocodile is not someone we can take for granted.

Right now, he probably wouldn't give Luffy a big challenge after successfully awakening his powers. 

However, he might be able to give the other Straw Hat characters trouble and nightmares. 

Not to mention, the threat of Crocodile returning to target Pluton after knowing the Ancient Weapon is in Wano. 

And of course, Crocodile now has another additional power after Baroque Works, namely Cross Guild.

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