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One Piece 1056 Spoiler: Buggy Hunts Marines, Katakuri Beats Germa 66

In One Piece chapter 1056, it begins with Buggy who feels betrayed by the Marines, so he starts a new plan to avenge him.

In One Piece manga chapter 1056, Yonkou Buggy created an organization consisting of Mihawk and Crocodile who were both former Shichibukai.

But it is possible, other former Shichibukai will also join the organization created by Yonkou Buggy.

The organization Buggy created was a rival organization to the Marines.

In the past, the Navy paid pirate chiefs to help with their tasks, which we know as bounties, Buggy did the same thing.

Buggy is now applying a similar concept, he pays any pirate to hunt down Marines who are considered corrupt and involved in a crime.

And Buggy will pay with money to the pirates who can bring the head of the Navy.

So soon Yonkou Buggy will issue a Navy bounty that he considers problematic.

The next panel also tells of the battle at Big Mom's headquarters.

Where Katakuri and Oven fought against Germa 66 when they were about to run away.

Now that's the One Piece chapter 1056 spoiler update, look forward to the next spoiler in our latest article.

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