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One Piece 1056: Law Gives Kidd a Copy of Road Poneglyph, Betrayal of Luffy?


When he was about to leave Wano, Law turned out to give Kid a copy of the road poneglyph.

In the spoiler of One Piece chapter 1056 there is information that Luffy and his pirate alliance namely Law and Kid will leave Wano.

After Trafalgar Law's plan with the aim of overthrowing Kaidon is realized, the three supernovas will soon leave the country.

Law, Kid and Luffy are among the 9 worst generation pirate supernovas. Not only Kaido, the three people also defeated Big Mom so they were considered to have overthrown two yonkou in one battle.

After defeating two yonkou, the bounty price of Law, Kid, and Luffy becomes 3 billion Belly for each head.

Law, Kid, and Luffy are also the captains of their respective pirate groups, when they leave Wano they will sail in three different directions.

Even when deciding which island they would go to, these three people made a lottery with the result that Luffy would sail to the Southeast, Kid to the East and Law to the Northeast.

In the One Piece chapter 1056, before sailing, Law gave Kid a copy of the road poneglyph.

A copy of the road poneglyph was obtained by Law when he followed Robin and Sukiyaki to a secret room under Mount Fuji, Wano country.

With Law's behavior, some One Piece fans think that it is a form of betrayal to Luffy because basically Kid is not included in the pirate alliance that Law and Luffy formed while at Punk Hazard.

Since the beginning of the formation of the alliance that Law proposed to Luffy was not approved by some of the Straw Hat pirate crew because they thought that in every alliance between pirates there would be betrayal.

However, the alliance that aims to overthrow Kaido was formed with Luffy's approval.

Even some One Piece fans assume that Law also has a copy of the road poneglyph they met on Zoo Island. So Law already has two copies of the road poneglyph.

The road poneglyph is the most crucial item to go to Raftel Island to find the One Piece treasure.

Currently only Luffy has a crew with the ability to read road poneglyphs, namely Robin, the Straw Hat pirates currently also have three copies of road poneglyphs.

That way Luffy's goal of finding the One Piece treasure and becoming the pirate king is just one step away.

There are three islands that are thought to be the site of the last road poneglyph, namely Elbaf, Vira and Hachinosu.

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