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One Piece 1056: Revealed! These are the Marines Who Got Bounties from Cross Guild Buggy

Finally, it was revealed the marines who got bounties from the Cross Guild under the leadership of Yonkou Buggy in One Piece 1056.

In One Piece 1056, Yonkou Buggy did manage to make a big surprise by forming a Cross Guild organization and his courage to set a bounty for the marines.

At a glance, one of the panels of One Piece 1056 can see three unfamiliar faces of marines on the bounty poster issued by the Cross Guild Yonkou Buggy.

The faces on the Marine bounty poster in One Piece 1056 seem to confirm that the Cross Guild Yonkou buggy isn't playing around in giving bounties.

And One Piece 1056 Yonkou Buggy confirms, if the existence of the Cross Guild is a serious threat to Marine Marines.

It can be concluded that Yonkou Buggy gives bounties to marines starting from the class of Captain of the Navy branch office and above.

Which means, the threat from the Hunters will occur to Marine Marines around the world.

Crazy and reckless things that only Yonkou-class pirates can do.

It's natural, of course, considering that even former Shicibukai like Juraquille Mihawk and Sir Crocodile are members of the Cross Guild.

Buggy's strength can no longer be underestimated by the Navy.

The chaos caused by the steps of Yonkou Buggy and his Cross Guild, is sure to make the Marines no longer as free as before.

Because the Hunters who are still mysterious until now, there must be characters as strong and terrible.

In fact, the threat was also directed at Admirals such as Fujitora, Ryokugyu, Kizaru and of course Akainu.

However, until now it has not been confirmed what price Buggy has set for the heads of the Marines.

The author argues, the price of the Admirals must be more expensive than the Yonkou.

We'll just have to wait for Oda to reveal the marines' bounty.

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