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One Piece: Nicknamed Flame Emperor, This Is Sabo's Role in the Final Saga!


One Piece: Nicknamed Flame Emperor, This Is Sabo's Role in the Final Saga!

In One Piefe chapter 1054 yesterday it was revealed that Sabo managed to escape from Mary Geroise. 

In fact, he also managed to free Bartholomew Kuma. 

Sabo and the Revolutionary Army commanders managed to withstand attacks from admirals Fujitora and Aramaki. 

This was certainly a great achievement for the Revolutionary Army. Because, they act in the safest place in the whole world.

This is what then makes Sakazuki furious as it appears at the end of the chapter. 

Aramaki's going to Wano to capture Luffy is his way of making amends for the wrong he's made. 

What's also interesting is how Sabo managed to get a big achievement. 

As Kurouma said, many people thought of Sabo as a god.

Sabo the Flame Emperor

One Piece: Nicknamed Flame Emperor, This Is Sabo's Role in the Final Saga!

The great achievements of Sabo so far made it very popular all over the world. 

He also managed to achieve the position of deputy leader of the Revolutionary Army in a very short time. 

Sabo himself joined the Revolutionary Army after Monkey D. Dragon rescued him in the kingdom of Goa. 

Dragon managed to save his life and then raised him and took care of him.

In flashback moments, Sabo appears to be trained by many very powerful members of the Revolutionary Army, such as Dragon. 

Based on this, how Sabo later grew into a strong figure is not surprising. 

In the Dressrosa arc, it is revealed that Sabo initially relied more on his Haki ability to defeat enemies.

Because of this Haki mastery, Sabo then developed his own technique which became known as Ryusoken or Dragon Claw Fist. 

The fighting style of this technique is that Sabo will look for a central point or weak point of his enemy. 

After that, he would instantly destroy it with one powerful strike.

However, what is interesting is how Sabo has the nickname “Flame Emperor”.

This has something to do with the devil fruit he consumed. 

Sabo previously ate the Mera Mera no Mi devil fruit, which originally belonged to Portgas D. Ace. 

What Sabo did was not solely for the sake of increasing his strength. 

However, it was also a way to carry on Ace's determination.

The proof of Sabo's increase in strength after eating Mera Mera is how he is able to match Fujitora's strength. 

However, the reason why Sabo later earned the nickname was his increased strength. 

Most likely, after the Dressrosa arc, Sabo has trained the ability of the devil fruit.

Not only that, he also seems to have succeeded in awakening the full potential of his devil fruit. 

Seeing Sabo's achievements so far, it seems impossible for Sabo to use the ordinary power of the Mera Mera no Mi without awakening his devil fruit power.

The Role of Sabo in the Last One Piece Saga

One Piece: Nicknamed Flame Emperor, This Is Sabo's Role in the Final Saga!

Having amassed such a large following, it was no wonder that the sabo would become an important figure for the Revolutionary Army to destroy the sky dragons. 

People adored Sabo so much, and how Sabo carried out his mission as the Levely grew in popularity. Previously, many fans suspected that Sabo had died or been caught.

In fact, he actually succeeded in carrying out the mission to free Kuma, and this moment further increased the popularity of the figure of Sabo. 

What also makes Sabo even more followers is that they are sure that he didn't kill Nefertari Cobra. 

Cobra has another enemy and it's not Sabo. 

On the other hand, Im actually makes Vivi, the daughter of Cobra, one of the lists that he must destroy.

So it made sense that they would then devise a plan to attack Cobra and Vivi when they weren't in Alabasta. 

And what happened then made them make Sabo a scapegoat for the incident. 

And coincidentally Luffy and the Straw Hat crew have a mission to destroy the World Government.

Luffy and his crew are probably very strong by now. 

However, destroying the World Government, which incidentally is the greatest power, is not an easy matter. 

They will need help from others. And this is the moment for Sabo and the Revolutionary Army to help Luffy destroy the World Government and the sky dragons.

Luffy and Sabo himself have now met again, and they have known each other again. 

Presenting the epic collaboration of these two "brothers" will certainly be very interesting and extraordinary. 

They will also be very happy if they do this together, because they will remember the moments of togetherness when they were little.

Although there are many speculations that Luffy will take revenge on Ace, but Sabo may be the one who will face Sakazuki in the future. 

This is because Sabo continued Ace's determination, so it makes sense that Sabo would then protect Luffy's figure. 

Sabo regretted that he couldn't do anything about Ace's death, and he wouldn't do the same to Luffy. 

Let's just look forward to the epic role of geeks from Sabo in the future.

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