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Synopsis Black Summoner: Anime Isekai About A Battle Addict

Synopsis Black Summoner: Anime Isekai About A Battle Addict

Anime Black Summoner or Kuro no Shoukanshi is the latest isekai anime which released its first episode on July 9, 2022. 

Like most other anime, Black Summoner was also adapted from the light novel series by Doufu Mayoi in 2014.

Carrying the fantasy genre, this anime is interesting for you to watch which tells the story of a battle addict in the isekai world. 

You can watch Black Summoner indo on the legal Vidio streaming service which is equipped with Indonesian subtitles. 

Even though it has only aired 1 episode, Black Summoner has already received a 7.1/10 rating from the MyAnimeList site. 

Curious about the full story? 

Come on, see the following Black Summoner synopsis!

Waking Up in Another World

Synopsis Black Summoner: Anime Isekai About A Battle Addict

Black Summoner tells the story of a young man named Kelvin. He wakes up in a strange new place with no memory of his life. 

However, it didn't take long for Kelvin to realize that he had exchanged his memories with a new ability. 

This ability is highly coveted by many people, namely the ability to transmigrate or as a Summoner.

Armed with this extraordinary ability without any memory of his past, Kelvin then searches for his identity by adventuring. 

He is also trying to survive while honing his fighting skills to increase his level. 

At first Kelvin got a mission to fight, if 10 times successful then his adventurer level will increase. 

Until finally Kelvin is a combat addict, he likes to fight against enemies one by one so that he becomes stronger.

After his first mission against slimes, Kelvin next fought the Black Knights from the Evil Spirit Ancient Castle to the Demons from the Sage's Hidden Cave. 

In the following episodes, the audience will be presented with another great fight from the crazy Kelvin fighting.

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