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One Piece 1054 Spoilers Reddit: Shanks Fights Ryokugyu to Take Wano?

One Piece 1054 Spoiler: Shanks Fights Ryokugyu to Take Wano?

There is a lot of news among fans that Shanks will come to Wano Kuni in One Piece 1054.

Predicted by fans, if Shanks' arrival to Wano in One Piece 1054 is to fight Ryokugyu.

In One Piece 1054 it looks like Shanks intends to take over Wano as his territory after defeating Ryokugyu.

If that happens, then the role of Shanks was questioned by fans. Is Shanks foe or friend?

After Oda decided to go on hiatus and prepare for his final saga, many fans wondered how the Wano Arc would end so quickly.

It is also known that Ryokugyu has arrived at Wano and is preparing his Buster Call fleet.

Where a great war will occur and will likely be the end of the Wano Arc.

One Piece 1054 Spoiler: Shanks Fights Ryokugyu to Take Wano?

On the other hand, the arrival of Ryokugyu is also suspected to have a positive impact on Wano.

In the arid land of Udon, with his power Ryokugyu has grown various plants and made Udon green.

He also cleaned up Kaido's previously defeated subordinates and absorbed nutrients from them.

In addition, at the end of chapter 1053, Ryokugyu said that the Navy was not in a good condition because the world was not chaotic.

It seems that under these conditions Ryokugyu will make the war short in Wano.

Chances are that with Shanks coming, the big war in Wano will be short.

Shanks will fight Ryokugyu and have a brief fight.

Like in the Archipelago Arc when Kizaru was fought by Rayleigh. Where Kizaru's light was countered by the darkness of Rayleigh.

At the Wano Arc too, it seems Oda will give the same pattern.

Oda will make Ryokugyu who has a green aura become the opponent of Shanks who has a red aura.

Which green and red have opposite patterns. 

Like the bull who always wants to attack the color red.

Likewise with Greenbull which means the green bull will fight Shanks the redhead.

Looks like Shanks will really come to Wano Kuni. Either to fight Ryokugyu or just to meet Luffy.

While at Marine Ford, Shanks once said that he would soon meet Luffy, but that was not the time because it was still too soon.

Most likely in the Wano Arc this is Shanks' time to meet Luffy.

If they met, would Shanks help Luffy fight Ryokugyu and just walk away?

Or did Shanks purposely go to Wano to fight Ryokugyu and take Wano to expand his territory as the strongest Yonkou today?

Hear the truth of the story when Oda finished his hiatus and the One Piece manga was back in release.

Disclaimer: The discussion on One Piece 1054 is a theory and prediction expressed by fans. There will be differences with the actual story. This article is for entertainment purposes only and does not intend to precede the content of the story.

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