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One Piece: Ryokugyu Is a Logia User?


The appearance of the Admiral Green Bull that fans have been waiting for in the One Piece series has finally happened. His figure reappeared in chapter 1052 yesterday, where he seemed to fly towards Wano. 

Then, in chapter 1053 we get a much clearer picture of the Green Bull figure, from its name to its strength. It turns out that the real name of the Green Bull itself is Aramaki.

Then, we also find out that Green Bull actually has a devil fruit power where he can grow various plants. In addition, he can also absorb liquid from anywhere. 

This is the reason why Aramaki can survive for three years without eating, because he can absorb any liquid from anywhere.

Talking about the power of the Aramaki devil fruit, unfortunately there is no information on the name and type of the devil fruit. 

However, many fans theorize that Aramaki's devil fruit is a Paramecia type, which allows him to grow plants as well as use other people's energy. 

Although quite plausible, but there is also other speculation related to this.

Logia-type Devil Fruit in One Piece

Another theory explains that the possibility of the Aramaki devil fruit is not Paramecia, but Logia. 

In theory, the devil fruit is called Uddo Uddo no Mi or Wood Wood Fruit. 

Aramaki may have succeeded in awakening the devil fruit's power, which allowed him to later grow other types of plants.

In chapter 1053, in the panel that shows the physical form of Aramaki's figure, it appears that his finger has the shape of a tree root. 

Then, how the Udon region and other areas that were previously arid suddenly turned green and full of plants became another proof of this theory. 

This is similar to what happened at Punk Hazard.

As a result of the battle between Sakazuki and Aokiji for 10 days in a row, as well as the two of them who had awakened the two devil fruits, the area was turned into two parts, namely an area filled with lava or magma and an area full of ice. 

Based on this, it seems reasonable that then what happened in Udon was also the result of awakening from a Logia-type devil fruit.

The awakening of the Aramaki devil fruit allows the user to use roots to absorb the energy of their enemies, and then release it to create new plants. 

In addition, Aramaki may also have control over these plants. 

We can see this in how Aramaki uses one type of plant to make it fly to Wano.

From what Oda has shown so far regarding the Aramaki devil fruit in chapters 1052 and 1053, there are two things that happen or the devil fruit can do. 

First, the devil fruit can permanently change the surrounding area or environment. 

Second, the devil fruit can make the user's body change into another form. 

So that a clear conclusion emerges from the two pieces of evidence.

There is no other type of devil fruit in the One Piece story that can do this, other than the Logia devil fruit. 

Neither Paramecia nor Zoan are able or do not have this ability, even though the owner has awakened his devil fruit power. 

And proof that Aramaki's devil fruit is a Logia can be seen from the similarity of power that appears with the events in Punk Hazard.

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