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One Piece Chapter 1055: Sukiyaki Uncovers the History of Wano and the Void Century, Shanks, Ryokugyu and Luffy in Wano


One Piece chapter 1055 is titled 'New Era'.

One piece chapter 1055 has become a topic of discussion because it contains information about Wano Kuni, the century of emptiness and Pluton's ancient weapons.

One piece chapter 1055, opens with the battle of Momonosuke vs Admiral Ryokugyu or Greenbull.

The new Shogun of Wano Kuni, Momonisuke, challenges Admiral Ryokugyu because he wants to prove that he can protect his country.

even in battle, Momonosuke told Yamato to stay away because he would release his Bolo Breath to Admiral Ryokugyu.

Momonosuke's attack didn't end the fight with Admiral Ryokugyu, but it could be quite troublesome for Greenbull.

Admiral Ryokugyu or Greenbull wanted to continue fighting Momonosuke and took the fight more seriously but was stopped because of Shanks.

Shanks intimidated Admiral Ryokugyu from a distance with the power of haki to help Momonosuke.

The panel turns to Sukiyaki who tells the history of Wano Kuni to Robin and Law as they head to the secret gate.

It is also seen that the former Shogun of Wano, Sukiyaki, will bring Nico Robin and Trafalgar Law to the old Wano Land.

Where they will read the Road Poneglyph and search for Pluton's ancient weapons.

Sukiyaki will explain that in the past Wano Kuni was a big country even three times as big as it is now, but became smaller for some mysterious reason.

Many stories about the world of One Piece will be revealed from Robin's conversation with the former shogun.

In another panel, Monkey D. Luffy and his friends will continue to celebrate their victory and the liberation of the land of Wano.

Elsewhere, Shanks and his crew were overjoyed at the news of Luffy's victory and his new status as a Yonko.

Shanks remembers when Luffy stole the Gomu-Gomu no Mi and thought it was just a weak Devil Fruit.

Shanks is known to appear in the Land of Wano. Lucky Roux and the others ask Shanks to meet Luffy and his crew.

However, Shanks said it wasn't time to meet Straw Hat Luffy yet.

Shanks and the Akagami pirates prefer to do other more important things than meet Luffy.

Shanks wants to meet and destroy the figure of Bartolomeo who has burned the Akagami pirate flag.

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