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One Piece 1055 Spoilers Reddit: Kuma's Condition Revealed! Makes Readers Sad

One Piece 1055 Spoilers Reddit: Kuma's Condition Revealed! Makes Readers Sad

Former Shichibukai and also part of the revolutionary army, Bartholomew Kuma is a mysterious figure and there are still many questions regarding this character. 

Kuma's figure had appeared before the timeskip happened. 

He was involved in several moments, such as in the Thriller Bark arc or when he was in Sabaody. 

It was he who later became the cause of the timeskip in One Piece.

In the story, we know that Kuma is not a random figure. He has the ability of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi devil fruit, where he is able to withstand enemy attacks with ease. 

With this power also Kuma can "send" people wherever he wants. 

However, everything that happened to Kuma is still a mystery to this day. 

Then, what actually happened to Kuma all this time?

What Happened to Kuma?

One Piece 1055 Spoilers Reddit: Kuma's Condition Revealed! Makes Readers Sad

There are many things that Kuma has done so far that have made fans curious and confused. 

An example is saving the Straw Hat crew by sending them somewhere and protecting the Thousand Sunny until they return. 

Many fans then speculated that Kuma actually had deep connections with the Revolutionary Army.

However, the other big question is why he wants to be a trial world government and Dr. Vegapunk. 

As we know, Bartholomew Kuma decided to be the subject of Dr. Vegapunk for the Pacifista project. 

Dr. Vegapunk uses Kuma's body parts for research. 

Many speculations have sprung up why Kuma would do this, one of which is as a form of sacrifice to save humanity.

Even so, what happened to Kuma was truly terrible. 

Kuma then becomes a toy slave for the heavenly dragons. 

We see how the heavenly dragons treat their slaves arbitrarily, including Kuma. 

In the Reverie arc, we see how Kuma is in a very sad state where he becomes a vehicle for the Saint Rosward family.

Kuma's Punishment in One Piece

One Piece 1055 Spoilers Reddit: Kuma's Condition Revealed! Makes Readers Sad

As mentioned in the previous point, so far there is still no clear reason why Kuma was willing to sacrifice himself to become Dr. Vegapunk. 

And what is also a question is why then he is willing to become a slave to the heavenly dragons. 

Many characters in the series mention that Kuma is "dead".

However, Sabo and the others didn't want to believe it.

The speculation about Kuma sacrificing for humanity by becoming a Pacifista is quite reasonable. 

However, what about Kuma who became the slave of the heavenly dragons? 

Why do they do this? 

One Piece 1055 Spoilers Reddit: Kuma's Condition Revealed! Makes Readers Sad

It was possible that this was a form of punishment that Kuma had to accept for his will as well as for what he did.

Before Kuma turned into a Pacifista and became the subject of Dr. Vegapunk, he had said that he wanted Vegapunk to do something. 

Kuma wants the scientist to create a special program for him, in which he will protect the Thousand Sunny for two years until Luffy returns. 

Why would Vegapunk then accept this wish? 

Does Vegapunk also have a connection with this?

Sabo and the Revolutionary Army Successfully Save Kuma

Seeing and knowing how the celestial dragons treated Kuma arbitrarily, as well as how Kuma's condition was pathetic, finally Sabo and the Revolutionary Army commanders decided to save their comrade. 

We didn't know how the mission progressed until chapter 1054 yesterday.

In that chapter we finally know what happened to Kuma. 

Sabo and the Revolutionary Army commanders finally managed to save Kuma from Mary Geoise's territory. 

This is not an easy mission, considering that they have to deal with two admirals, Fujitora and Aramaki. 

The two admirals couldn't do much, because they didn't want any major destruction to happen to Mary Geoise.

This news certainly confirms various things that appeared before. 

For example, there is speculation that Sabo died in the incident. 

This is based on the newspapers and people's reactions to the news about Sabo. 

There is also speculation that Sabo and the others decided to end Kuma's life, in order to end his suffering.

Kuma's Fate in One Piece

One Piece 1055 Spoilers Reddit: Kuma's Condition Revealed! Makes Readers Sad

They might have managed to save Kuma's figure.

However, he was no longer the figure they had known before. 

Ever since he became a mindless robot for the World Government, Kuma had completely lost the way to think and feel for himself. 

He didn't even care and didn't feel how there were many swords stuck in his body.

Then, what will happen to Kuma next? 

For now, we still don't know for sure what will happen to Kuma. 

However, with his figure in the right hands, it's not impossible that Kuma will return to the way he was. 

The Revolutionary Army will certainly try to recover all memories from Kuma. 

If even then they are not able to do it, maybe there are other ways that can be done.

For example, by reprogramming Kuma's head or body. 

Thus, he would follow the orders of Dragon or the Revolutionary Army Commanders. 

How Kuma managed to return is certainly a sign that he will also be an important figure at the end of the story. 

What about the important role of Kuma in the future? 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the upcoming One Piece chapter!

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