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One Piece 1055 Spoilers: New Era, Robin and Law Aim for Road Poneglyphs in Wano Kuni

 One Piece chapter 1053 shows where Robin is talking to Sukiyaki.

Robin and Sukiyaki's conversation takes place under the castle where the Road Poneglyph is located, it is one of the four road poneglyphs in the world of One Piece.

Road poneglyphs are directions to get the One Piece treasure. If Robin found the Road Poneglyph of Wano country, now the Straw Hat pirates already have these three items.

In the world of One Piece, there are 30 poneglyphs scattered all over the world. 4 of them are Road Poneglyph which is a guide to Raftel island and 9 others are rio Poneglyph.

Roi poneglyph contains information about the age of emptiness, Poneglyph is a cube-shaped stone and contains carvings from ancient scripts.

Nico Robin is the only person alive and can read the Poneglyphs.

In the spoiler of One Piece chapter 1055, it's not only Robin who goes to the road poneglyph in Wano country but Law is also eyeing the Road Poneglyph.

As uploaded from a twitter account with the name @OP_NEWS2022 in his tweet, he explained several things.

Where it is most likely that the title of chapter 1055 is New Era, it describes a new era led by new yonkou.

The spoiler also explains that Sukiyaki brought Robin and Law to see the Road Poneglyph.

Sukiyaki also explained to Law and Robin about the history of Wano in Bangun.

With so little by little the mystery in the One Piece story will be revealed.

Where the formation of the Wano country is related to something that happened in the void century.

This also relates to the creation of poneglyphs by the Kozuki clan, if all members of the Kozuki clan can read poneglyphs it is likely that Sukiyaki also has this ability.

When they get the third Road Poneglyph, of course, Robin and Law will make a copy of it and the Straw Hat pirates will immediately head to the last island where the fourth road poneglyph is.

Some of the ending stories in the Wano arc will be the beginning of the final One Piece saga, it was also said by the One Piece editor in one of the Road To Laugh Tale booklet volumes that chapter 1054 will be the beginning of the final saga.

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