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One Piece 1055 Spoiler: Momonosuke Successfully Destroys Green Bull, Shanks' Existence Becomes a Threat

One Piece chapter 1055 will be released soon, so some spoilers for chapter 1055 have started circulating.

After some facts have been revealed in One Piece manga chapter 1054 regarding several events such as the fight between Momonosuke and Green Bull and the current existence of the Akagami pirates.

The One Piece 1055 spoiler turns out to be related to the previous chapter, which describes the continuity of the fight between Momonosuke and Green Bull.

At first Green Bull who intended to fight with Luffy was blocked by the Akazaya.

Not long ago Momonosuke and Yamato also joined the battle.

When fighting with Green Bull, Momonosuke changed his form into a dragon, even Green Bull thought that the Dragon was Kaido.

Momonosuke also forbade Yamato to fight, he wanted to face the Green Bull with his own strength.

Although it is known that Momonosuke's ability to fight is still weak, he still tries to fight with Green Bull who is an admiral.

Even though at that time the Green Bull had turned itself into a scary giant tree monster.

When fighting, Momonosuke wants to use the power of his dragon mode which is boro breath, the technique is the same as Kaido's.

Because Momonosuke is a user of the same devil fruit as Kaido, he can also produce boro breath.

Boro breath resembles a collection of fire that comes from the mouth of a dragon that is usually exhaled and can injure or even destroy an opponent.

Although at first Momonosuke failed to use the boro breath technique.

By continuing to try this technique, Momonosuke's breath finally hit the Green Bull and caused some damage to the Admiral.

Momonosuke finally managed to destroy the plan and stop the Green Bull's movement.

In addition to the battle between Green Bull and Momonosuke, in the spoiler of One Piece 1055 uploaded by the twitter account @OP_NEWS2022 that the existence of Shanks is felt by several people.

Currently Shanks and the Akagami pirate crew are near the waters of Wano Kuni, this is felt by Green Bull, Luffy, Kid and others.

They can find out where Shanks is by sensing the Akagami's haki.

The existence of Shanks near the waters of Wano poses a threat to some people, including Green Bull.

The Haki released by Shanks in chapter 1055 is the same as in One Piece Film Red.

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