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What is the function of the Demon Slayer Mark?

What is the function of the Demon Slayer Mark?

There were many things that made Demon Slayers special when compared to ordinary humans. 

The intense training process is what makes them special. 

They deliberately do this to prepare themselves for various tasks and big threats that come every time, especially threats from demons.

Without this ability, they would probably die in the battle that ensued. 

In addition to various breathing techniques that many Demon Slayers learn to deal with demons, what is interesting and also unique in the story is the existence of a special mark or what we usually know as the Demon Slayer Mark.

What is Demon Slayer Mark

What is the function of the Demon Slayer Mark?

The Demon Slayer Mark is something that has a long history in the story. 

It has been more or less 400 years since this special sign appeared in the world, since the first appearance of the figure of Yoriichi, the first Demon Slayer. 

He also then taught the various techniques that he mastered to his followers. 

What's interesting is that his followers have different Demon Slayer Marks.

Unfortunately, this phenomenon is gradually disappearing. 

But fortunately, in the era of Tanjiro Kamado the Demon Slayer Mark phenomenon reappeared. 

Basically, this special mark appeared when one had a very strong body to become a Demon Slayer. 

Or perhaps more accurately, for those who have learned the Breathing Style technique.

How to get it

What is the function of the Demon Slayer Mark?

To awaken or get the Demon Slayer Mark is not an easy matter. 

There were two ways for one to be able to resurrect it. 

First, a person must be able to survive the extraordinary heat where his body temperature reaches 39 degrees Celsius. 

Their heart rate will also increase to 200 beats per minute.

The second, and perhaps the rarest to encounter, was that one had to have a connection or connection with the Sun Breathing technique. 

Those who then successfully fulfill these requirements will be able to obtain the Demon Slayer Mark. 

And when that happens, they will be able to access powerful and powerful powers and abilities.

In some cases, the Demon Slayers were also able to pass the mark on to others as Yoriichi had done. 

However, of course not everyone will be able to do it, because only those who have a strong body will be able to do it. 

Usually, the Hashira will have this unique and extraordinary mark. Because, only they are able to survive these requirements.

Most of the Hashira have this mark, which shows how powerful the demon slayers are. 

On the other hand, it also gave advantage to their efforts to destroy all the demons of this world. 

We can see this throughout the story, when they fight against Muzan and his troops.

Various Epic Abilities

What is the function of the Demon Slayer Mark?

As mentioned earlier, when Demon Slayers manage to obtain this unique mark, they will gain access to powerful powers that can help them defeat various demons. 

These marks will usually increase the level of speed, power, and other physical strength of a Demon Slayer.

This mark could also be a way to unlock the Red Nichirin Sword technique, which is a technique where even Twelve Kizuki would not be able to withstand the immense power of the sun that they emitted. 

However, what was most remarkable was how a Demon Slayer would activate a technique called Transparent World.

This technique that only a small number of Demon Slayers can awaken allows them to be able to predict the opponent's movements. 

And this will certainly provide an advantage for those who are fighting against strong opponents. 

This technique is proven to be able to match the ability and toughness of Muzan and Kokushibo.

Biggest Side Effect

What is the function of the Demon Slayer Mark?

Behind all the mighty power that emerged from the Demon Slayer Mark, there was a huge price they had to pay for this. 

With all the strength they put forth, as well as how much effort they put into obtaining the mark, the owner of the mark usually wouldn't live to be 25 years old.

However, there were some exceptions where other Demon Slayer Mark users were able to live more than 25 years. 

For example, Yoriichi was able to live well until he was 80 years old even though he used his powers very often. 

However, it is possible that it has something to do with Yoriichi's natural ability as a user of the Sun Breathing technique.

But, unfortunately, the information that appears about the sign is also less complete. 

So, some of the information about the Demon Slayer Mark is a big mystery and is a question for fans. 

Even so, maybe Gotoge will present information about this through other mediums such as booklets.

The sign becomes one of the interesting elements that appear throughout the series. 

This is a form of increasing strength for a demon slayer. Although the mark gives the user an increase in strength, they must also accept the huge consequences that will follow.

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