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The 5 Best Political Anime You Should Watch!

The 5 Best Political Anime You Should Watch!

In the anime industry, especially the shnen genre, we often find a common theme. 

Examples are heroes, struggles, fantasy, super powers, and so on. 

However, it is very rare for us to find a shonen anime series that presents a slightly adult theme. 

One of the very rare themes that comes up is politics. 

Maybe this is reasonable because the shonen genre is aimed at teenagers.

Teenagers are very rarely interested in watching stories with heavy themes, such as politics. 

Even so, there are several anime series with political themes that geeks may not have heard of before. 

Then, what are the anime series? Here is the discussion.

1. Moribito

The 5 Best Political Anime You Should Watch!

Balsa is a bodyguard who armed himself with a spear. He was trying to find eight people for him to save his life. 

This was done by Balsa as a form of penance for having killed eight people in the past. 

Balsa then meets the figure of Prince Chagum, who managed to survive various assassination attempts, including by his own father.

Chagum's mother finally managed to convince Balsa to want to protect her child. 

The Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit series was released in 2007, and many think that this is an anime that is close to reality. 

The series also managed to build a slick world well and precisely. 

The audience really learns about the political system, motivations, and reasons that the characters choose. 

Even so, this series received a lot of criticism because it was considered too boring.

2. The Heroic Legend Of Arslan

The 5 Best Political Anime You Should Watch!

Prince Arslan of Pars nearly lost his life when his country was invaded by the neighboring country, Lusitania. 

It was an attempt to overthrow his father, King Andagoras III. 

Seeing this condition, Arslan struggled to regain his territory. 

However, Arslan is not alone. 

He gets help from various parties who are his followers and also people who are on his side.

Set in ancient Persia and beyond, this series is inspired by real people and events in sixth century Persia. 

The political story that appears in the story is really very interesting and impressive. 

This anime series that appeared in 2015-2016 is one of the anime that is suitable for geeks who are trying new colors in the anime series.

3. Joker Games

The 5 Best Political Anime You Should Watch!

Set in 1937 and the era of the second World War is in sight, the Japanese are trying to seek intelligence information from other countries. 

They then formed an agency, namely D Agency. D Agency itself contains trained spies who have the task of infiltrating various countries such as Britain, Germany, France, USSR, China, and America.

The aim was none other than to obtain information that could benefit the Japanese. 

The series that appeared in 2016 is indeed more of a dialogue scene, with a mix of political spices and spy thrillers. 

There are almost no action moments or suspenseful things like generally that appear in the shonen series. 

The tempo of the story is also very slow and the tone itself is very serious.

4. The Story of Saiunkoku

The 5 Best Political Anime You Should Watch!

Shurei Hong of the House of Kou is the only daughter who comes from a noble family. 

Unfortunately, Hong had to have a bad luck where he later fell into poverty. 

Even so, Hong has a very big ambition in her life which is to become the first female court member. 

Hong himself then gets a chance to get closer to his dream when the king's adviser Ryuuki makes him an offer.

The offer was that Hong would get a lesson on how to become a member of the court. 

However, Hong has to accept the fact that he is caught up in the various political intrigues that lie within the judicial process itself. 

The anime series itself ran from 2006 to 2008. 

Although it presents elements that are very unusual in political themes, this series is quite successful in making viewers care about the characters in the story.

5. ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.

The 5 Best Political Anime You Should Watch!

JEanOtus is the deputy commander of an ACCA supervisory department. 

ACCA itself is a giant organization that provides public services to the people in the kingdom of Dowa and 13 other states. 

Each region has its own lifestyle and culture. 

Having the task of supervising all areas to make sure there are no major problems, Jean becomes wary of rumors of a coup in his territory.

Jean's task itself is very heavy because apart from having to reveal about the coup plan, he must not be absent from his duties. 

Aired in 2017, this anime series is full of political settings and atmosphere. 

Elements of drama and mystery also do not forget to appear in the story. 

Other intrigues also appear from the beginning of the story to the end.

For geeks who like slow stories and full of political drama, of course it will be very suitable to watch the series. 

Moreover, there are many plot twists and surprises that appear.

Political drama may not be a very popular theme, especially for shnen anime series. 

Even so, it doesn't hurt if we watch the series later. 

Besides being able to see new things, we will also learn about various political elements that might be useful in the future. 

Moreover, the Shonen genre is intended for teenagers.

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